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  1. Property Search - Land Registry as above 3 quid for title register
  2. Just to close this thread off, on the 13th October 2014 I received a letter from DryFax stating "This account was recently closed with us due to being statute barred." Thanks everyone over the years.
  3. Do i need to send them the set aside letter? as i have not had any current SD or CCJ letters? So i can just send them the Statute barred one? Thanks
  4. OK still no CCA, after resending another Postal Order, receiving a letter from them stating that the account is on hold until they receive the outcome from the client ( that letter was dated 31st March 2014 ) So Today ( 19th May 2014 ) i receive another letter stating that they have not received any payment or contacted them....... Do i just send them a letter refereeing the previous letter regarding the account on hold to some how jog there memories, and that i am still waiting the request I have made how ever long ago now.... Thanks
  5. Hi, when we started with the current employer we signed upto a T's and C's Matrix document detailing all our terms etc. We have recently been sent a data validation form to confirm our information is correct on "their system", amongst some mistakes in the document ranging from Surname spelt incorrect and Redundancy terms ect, they reference a different T's and C's document that they have tried to create themselves with has most of our original terms missing, ( the reason they say is that they dont use word any more and have moved to excel . Anyway they have asked
  6. Well they didn't send it recorded post back to me, so it could be what letter?
  7. OK so nearly two months on, i have a letter from unfairfax as follows: We refer to the above matter and previous correspondence between both parties. We return your £1.00 postal order dated 14 November 2013 as you have not completed the payee section and therefor we cannot process your request at this time. We will place this matter on hold for a period of 30 days from the date of this letter in order to provide you with sufficient time to respond to this further. So i guess that although the stated they will contact the client to seek instruction as stated earlier, that th
  8. OK reply from DryFax today ( dated 29/11/13 ) stating: We acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 15 Nov 13 and we note all your comments. As a result of your letter, we have contacted out client to clarify the current position and seek their further instructions. We will write to you, further, once they have responded. We confirm that, in the meantime, the matter is on hold. We trust this resolves any immediate concerns but, if you do have any further queries, please let me know. Yours...... Does this letter cover as a response for the 12+2 time window for the reques
  9. CCA delivered and signed for 18/11/13, now to wait 12+2 days....
  10. uploaded a pdf containing them all in the above post ( hopefully ) Thanks
  11. Here attached are the old 2008/2009 files linked in the earlier posts. [ATTACH=CONFIG]47752[/ATTACH]
  12. I have made no payments to them for years and not sure if i ever had? as the amount due remains the same as the 2007 letter i would assume that i have not made any? ( would a SAR confirm this? ) they have only taken me to court once and lost ( 2009 posts ) Thanks again
  13. Just been through an old backup of that server that hosted those linked files from the 2007/2008 post and i would say it is the same debt as its the exact same figure £3077.12 in the letters. I have still sent the CCA request off anyhow to them. So going by the date and the figure being the same amount, it should be Statue Barred now?? Thanks
  14. Possibly but can't tell from their reference number? I can confirm when / if I get the agreement from them. Thanks
  15. No i have not asked them for anything, i will send them a CCA request tomorrow. I will update with any replies. Thanks
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