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  1. Fantastic, thanks ODC. I'll edit this and get a couple of recorded deliveries posted off to these jokers later on today. Much appreciated. DG
  2. Now that is a BRILLIANT idea! I'll have a think on how to word one and try to get it sent off the same time as the one to JB. Many thanks, DG
  3. Wow, impressive, thanks. I'll copy and edit that accordingly. Just checked their site, seems they believe they can collect just about any 'awkward debt' even statute barred ones. Can't honestly understand why anyone would want to work in their industry! Cheers, DG
  4. Hi ODC, Thanks for the reply, should I be worried that this is from a new name (JB Debt Recovery) or have Clownell's branched out on the pseudonym department? Would you recommend the usual ignore the idiots approach? It's probably what I'm going to do as I'd noticed the usual use of 'if, and, but, possibly, maybe' in the letter. Honestly, just when you think the penny has dropped with people like this and they've gone on their merry way, they come crawling out the woodwork causing stress yet again! Cheers, DG
  5. Hello again folks, After a long silence Clownell's have now made a next move. I've received a letter from a new player in the game, a JB Debt Recovery. Which reads like this: URGENT LOWELL FINANCIAL LIMITED V Mr. Devon Guy Debt outstanding £xxxx Reference xxxxxx We are writing to offer you a final opportunity to resolve this debt. In a attempt to avoid additional legal costs out client is prepared to offer a settlement of 80% of the outstanding balance. If you wish to accept this offer it is important you contact ourselves within seven days. Failure to contact ourselves with regards to this offer may result on our client referring the matter for legal action. Contact us immediately on telephone number 0870 744 6276 Recoveries Department Not too sure how to proceed with this as Clownells/Red are usually the paper wasters, not encountered these guys before. Anyone any ideas on how to proceed with this (the seven day period has expired as the letter is dated 14th May and I only got it on the 21st!!! Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, Devonguy
  6. Hey ODC good to hear from you. Many thanks for confirming my suspicions. Time to sit back and wait for thei next little love note. Must say I'm really glad I found this site, not just for the advice but the humor as well. Cheers, DG
  7. Hello again, I've not been on recently as my Lowell chums have been rather quiet, with the exception of a couple of threat-o-matic 'Notice of Intent.... County Court.... blah blah..' letters, which after reading other users threads I've just blanked. Yesterday (14/02/08) I received an invitation to Red Debt's Valentines ball at the Last Ditch Attempt. These lovely people have made me the fantastic offer of halving the alleged debt and giving me the opportunity to pay this off in one fell swoop, but it is only open for a limited time. Now given that I've disputed this since day one, and that they have never provided a copy of a properly executed CCA, and if they could enforce this debt we would have all had our jolly day in court, I don't think I'm going to take advantage of this. What I'm wondering is if it would be better to respond with an appropriate bog off letter or to just ignore this as well. Any thoughts or suggestions on a best response or possible next move from these jokers? Cheers, DG
  8. Right you are, thanks for the reassurance. I will send it, see what they come back with. Cheers, DG
  9. They have an apologist, who they I'll have a look for some of their posts, sure they'll be hilarious. Just thinking about the letter to send, doesn't it kind of admit to a debt? I've never had any dealings with these idiots outside of correspondance so they can't even accuse me of defaulting payments with them, sorry just a bit concerned I may give them ammuntion. Cheers, DG
  10. Hi ODC, Thanks for this, seems a bit scary though. I'll start amending it and get it off to them ASAP. In my previous post I put "Now I'm now expert", it is of course meant to read "Now I'm NO expert" in fact I'm an utter novice!!! Wonder what response this'll get. Cheers, DG
  11. Hi Guys, Some exciting new developments, hope someone can help with this. Hamptons having been blanked have now reverted to being Lowells and have sent me this: NOTICE OF INTENTION TO ISSUE A COUNTY COURT CLAIM TAKE NOTICE that legal proceedings are currently being prepared to be sent to Court for service upon you. Should you want to avoid this happening you should contact us within the next three days to arrange settlement of your current debt of £xxxx.xx (letter is dated 22/11/07 and was received 27/11/07 so I guess I'm buggered as my three days were up before I received this). INFORMATION ABOUT A COUNTY COURT CLAIM If a Claim is issued, a court fee, legal costs and interest will be added to the debt as described below. The legal costs, court fees and interest would increase should it be necessary to progress the legal action. If a Judgement is made against you, your name and address may be entered in the REGISTER OF COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENTS which may remain for up to a six year period. This may make it difficult for you to get credit in the future. Current outstanding debt: xxxx.xx Court fees: xxx.xx Solicitors costs: xx.xx Interest: xx xx Total: xxxx.xx Then all the how to pay bumpf. Now I'm now expert, but I've posted a description of the 'CCA' Lowells sent me on here further back in the thread, and those that have offered advice seem to think it is unenforceable, add the fact that the letter was sent probably intentionally to arrive after the three day period they offered had expired I think this may be yet another scare tactic to get money they can't prove they have a right to collect. Would anyone have any thoughts as to a next move? Really don't know what to do next, if they could enforce this they would have taken me to court already (wouldn't they?), why won't they just p*ss off. Hope someone can help. Cheers, DG
  12. Lol, love the new icon/picture by the way, can I join the fan club too? Cheers, DG
  13. Hi Funhat, They supplied me with a bad photocopy of an application form earlier in the year, can't get it scanned but I posted a full description of it and it doesn't seem to be enforceable. Since then they've sent letters of various types all with threats of action but no definitive action has ever been taken, so I'm thinking they know this is unenforceable and are just trying their luck. As I mentioned Curly Ben and ODC have helped me immensely in understanding how these people operate and how to reply to them, so I think I can read between the lines on this one and take it as another empty threat. I'm hoping if someone knows of a response to send they'll give me some advice on it otherwise I'll wait and see what their next move is. Everything is ready to go to TS just want to see how they follow this one up. Cheers, DG
  14. Hi Guys, Back at last, those friendly folk at Hamptons are back in touch, it's been a while. Here's what they had to say: From: Fly by night wide boy shysters To: Devonguy RE: Load of officious and irrelevant references to account numbers We refer to previous correspondence and note you have failed to respond to us to make realistic arrangements to settle the amount outstanding to our client. Legal proceedings may now be issued upon you without notice through the County Court, which would incur you with payment of the following costs:- Current outstanding debt: xxxx.xx Court fees: xx.xx Solicitors Costs: xx.xx Interest: xx.xx Total: xx.xx Please note this will substantially increase the amount you are liable to pay our client. YOU CAN PREVENT THIS ACTION BEING TAKEN BY CONTACTING US ON 0113 394 6317 AND ARRANGING FOR PAYMENT TO BE MADE. It is not too late to resolve this matter prior to any intended legal action being commenced and we would urge you not to ignore this correspondence and contact us immediately. Payments can be accepted using debit or credit cards, cheques or bankers draft. This letter is again contains those ambiguous 'may take action' type phrases, also mentions legal action without notice??!!! Not wanting to get ahead of myself but thanks to Curly Ben and ODC I've gotten used to these people, this seems like another empty threat designed to frighten me into paying an alleged debt they can't even prove they have a right to collect. I'm tempted to ignore the idiots, unless anyone knows of a better course of action? Cheers all, DG
  15. Sorry pushed something there that posted before I'd finished. I was going to say these jokers seem to think its any amount over £750.00. Should I just start ignoring these idiots now? Cheers, DG
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