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  1. Voice of reason at last....cannot think what posters have been on to night even HB was getting out of control. You can close the thread Sidewinder as I will not be using it any-more. I just hate it when a person answers a question with a question, which seems to be happening on here with a regular poster. As you can see Poster including HB was going back years and saying that it is a current issue, which of course it is not, but whatever they were on they keep insisting that it was and I would not give them the correct facts, this apart from the post earlier above which does not make sense to me whatsoever. .. .....therefore I have come to the conclusion that I will not post any more on here for a while and it is not because I have not got the 'best' answers as you have already give them to me.
  2. Honey that was in Feb 2008 things change in that time and I do not know why I feel that I have to explain to you. It is not the same issues or the same union BTW. Are you joining the mad clan also, it must be contagious, like a bad virus on computer:!:
  3. See what I mean, makes no sense. What do you mean 'best' answer that fits with what I want to hear, what you are you talking about. As said before leaving until you mad people go away.
  4. I am not angery whatsoever, and I already got the best answers from Sidewinder on here...
  5. So what! I asked a question and got a decent answer is that a criminal offence. What is going on here. I think I will leave this site until these mad posters go away.
  6. No need to apologies for not getting back to me that is not a problem for me, you seem to have a Bee in your Bonnet. I would get rid of that Bee if I were you. Talking about bees, I bet Honey Bee will be able to bring up the post that you are referring to from 1988. But this will be not relevant for me as it over two years ago and I am not sure why you have brought it up. You keep talking about changing stories what you mean. People make posts here and are free to do so and get excellent replies especially from Sidewinder. Is that not the purpose of the site? The reset of your post does not make sense to me. Sorry if that comes across as being thick to you, but there you go…. Sorry Honey Bee someone else has beaten you to it.
  7. At lot of organisation building that has been recently upgrated will have rooms for intervews etc., which you cannot record in.. so it does not matter what you take in to the meeting it will not recorded.
  8. Yes, I see that Sidewinder came to the recuse again what a star she is... Also, you are very good at looking up what others poster have said HB do not over do it as you my loose you sting... LOL I think that I may have got rid of the virus on my PC thank heavnes, I did a scan and it said that a couple of virus were deleted.
  9. I have checked the staff handbook again it has generous compassionate leave entitlement for employees and with only one criteria being employed by the organization for x amount of year, which I qualify only problem now is the manager they will try and object to me having it. Thanks for your most helpful reply Colin813
  10. If you know HB why are you asking me that question, hope you are not suffering from short term memory with being so busy asking questions, it maybe catching this short term memory there is a lot of it about, they say about 1 million people in the UK suffering from dementia, it affects young and old alike. Hope I have not got a virus on my PC system as it keep crashing and I am not sure if posts get through on here or not....
  11. Has anyone eles got problems on here my computer to keep crashing!!!
  12. For personal reason HB, do not want to get stung, you know what I mean???
  13. Very interesting please direct when the said post is as I am now very curious to know where if the answer is similar to Sidewinder great replies here. Thanks for bring it to my attention and would like to see the link to the website with the post you mentioned on it please. That is if it is not to much trouble.
  14. Thanks Sidewinder, will have a look at the handbook again and see what exactly it says.
  15. Can an employer refused compassionate leave if it says in their staff handbook that this leave is available for staff for up to 9mths unpaid.
  16. Why should I mind, that you and another poster are confused about my post, I do not know what you mean, there are lots of other posters on here that may not be confused about a post, therefore I do not think it is pointless for anyone posting on here just because you and an other poster cannot decipher it. I got in response to the same question/ post from another board on the net, which maybe helpful for other posters on here. This was my question This is the reply
  17. Thanks for the effort, but it is not mandatory to reply to a question, if you do not understand the question then please just ignore it.8)
  18. One further question, a union rep attends meetings and has been given all literature regarding what has happened to an employee regarding a disability that an employer refused to acknowledg. The member writes to the rep and asks a direct question, such as in his opinion is the employer being discriminatory toward his member, can a union rep ignores that question and refuses to answer it.
  19. Thank HB, I have checked their site out and will see if it will be OK to contact them..
  20. You so right papasmurf1cx, I will advise this stronly as union do not recognised Disablility and the employers knows this as well, therefore, they will continue to abuse this aspect of the law.
  21. Thanks Papasmurf1cs and HB, Long story and hope you will bear with me. Employee been to company OH’s twice once in 2007 and again 2008 both reports recommended minor adjustments for employee due to an underlying medical condition Employer ignored there instruction and indeed treated employee far less favorable than able body employees. First grievance went to employer in 2007 and company admitted that they did not deal with the return to work after an accident. However the rest of their findings were completely wrong. Employee appeal and again this was partially upheld but again employer did not make any minor adjustments for employee. In the findings of appeal some of the information there was completely untrue. Employee condition was made worse due to no minor adjustment been made by employer. Employee is part time and is excluded from benefits that other employees that have been granted to other employees, these benefits paid to some employees are carer leave and paid bereavement leave as well as reduced hrs back to work term. Employee had time off during the last 6 months due to conditions and other illness. Employer lump all illness together and as such trigger a disciplinary toward employee. Employee GP said twice issue a Fitness for Work certificate. The first certificate that minor adjustment should be made for employee when that did not happen employee GP issued another Fitness for Work urging for Minor Adjustments to be made and also gave employee reduced hrs back to work for 3 months. When employee gave employee the second certificate from GP they did not want to implement the reduced hrs and wanted to have a meeting first regarding the absence and implied that a capability would be done by employer. That was when employee wrote a letter to company stating that no minor adjustments were made in accordance the DDA. Employer called a meeting and it was suggested at that meeting by the manager that Access to Work should be called and the employee should arrange it. Employee arranges this and gave the manager name to AtW person for contact as this as needed by AtW to speak to manager. Employee gave all details to employer and told them day and time of AtW person calling to make the assessment in the workplace. On the morning of the AtW assessment was to be done, employee was told that he would be moving another department. AtW called and no manager was available to see her as the manager who requested this was away for that day, therefore other personnel stood in for that manager. The AtW person was not informed that there would be nobody available to see her on that day so she called to make the assessment and after waiting for an hr she finally got to do the assessment as other personnel that stood in for manager would not let AtW person take a photo of employee working condition and also the employee did not know the duties expected on the new floor. AtW needed to know this information to make assessment. Eventually another manager came to assistance and knew of the AtW as it had been done before for another employee and AtW got permission to take a photo of employees working conditions. Employee raised lots of other issues but these were not discussed at meetings but have put them again in another letter to manager. Sorry for such a long post and hope it makes sense.
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