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  1. I'm intrigued by the above re the mortgage etc...Did Cabot mark it as Settled or Partially Settled out of interest ? Thanks
  2. Ah sorry I thought you meant a template letter that could be sent after one bunch had discontinued and someone else had a go Sorry !
  3. Out of interest where is the discontinuance letter ? I can't recall having seen it on here before and also have had Carter discontinue on me to have the OC then pass it on more recently.. I've previously just ignored them but if there's a letter I might give it a try and see if it saves some rainforests of red ink...Sorry to hijack
  4. Spamheed is right..It can be brought in court again..a strike out does not stop them from trying again if they want too....it just sets it back like it was before it was initially tried..
  5. Filed a defence so I'll let you know what happens...
  6. d) Comply with Debt Collection Guidance as Published by the Office of Fair Trading from time to time. I think they are reading this one wrong. They seem to think they only have to comply from time to time...
  7. Okay then I need to get my defence posted next week so any suggestions gratefully received !
  8. Thanks for the replies...Hopefully I can get a defence sorted out to send soon
  9. Thanks for the reply pt...Is there a defence that can be used in this situation somewhere on another thread ? All the ones I have seen so far have been lack of response to CPR based I think....
  10. Oh...rats..Should have done that sooner then....
  11. Okay...pt seemed to think there was no point so I wasn't going too but I can get one in the post and see what comes of it....
  12. Thank for the replies everyone. Now I need to get thinking about sending the defence. As we don't seem to think a CPR request is in order would I be right in thinking we will say that the POC's are not sufficient to give grounds for the claim ?
  13. I have just filed the AOS now while I was online....Can I still file a defence by post now or shall I go down the CPR route ? Thanks for the quick replies...
  14. Right then, thought it had been quiet and peaceful for a while and arrive home today to a nice claim form from everyone's hero's BC. POC - The Claimant claims xx, such sum being part of a debt due under an agreement number xxxxx ("the Agreement") whereby the defendant agreed to pay the claimant xx ("the Debt"). For the avoidance of doubt in making this claim for a part of the debt the claimant does not waive any rights as to the balance of the debt,which the Defendant continues to owe to the Claimant under the agreement.
  15. Called the court today and they have indeed received the notice of discontinuance...
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