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  1. Thanks for your help Jogs - I will continue with my claim;)
  2. Hi all, can anyone help me with my re-claim issue with Capital One. I successfully reclaimed £280 of charges from my account last year, I am now trying to re-claim the charges for my partners account, however he has only ever been charged £12 and now capital one are saying that his CCA highlighted the charges. Is this a scare tacktic there using to put me off? And should I continue to take them to court to re-claim this? Any help or advice would be a great help thanks
  3. Thanks for the link, Yeah it was a consolidation loan that was secured to my property.
  4. Im not sure if im in the right forum, but here goes.... Doe anyone have any previous experience with EPF, brokers Promise Finance are looking to sort me a secured loan on my property for £29k with them. Does anyone know what this companys like to deal with?? Dont want to regret this later!!! Any help appreciated:-)
  5. Hi all thats for the brilliant replys.. all advice will be taken. As far as i am aware the account did default when it was passed to moorcroft from natwest. I had a bank account with natwest with a overdraft of about £2000, which after investigating with the bank realised this was all made up from bank charges. I am in the process of reclaiming these bank, however due to the test case im in limbo at the moment until the outcome. Either way however moorcroft cannot provide a cca neither have they bother to reply to any of my letters. I will hang up on them when they do call and send a harrassment letter. Thanks Guys
  6. Hi there any help on this matter is greatly appreciate....here goes I started the process of reclaiming my bank charges from Natwest on 3rd May, about 30days later i recieved my statements, added up all charges and interest totallying £2500, i then sent the second letter requesting my money back, i recieved a reply on 18th June advising that they are acessing my claim and will be in touch within 6-7 weeks. I now recieved a letter advising that due to the test case all complaints are on hold until a verdict has been reached hopefully next year. Where do i stand now? Can i successfuly continue to claim? Or do i sit tight and wait until the test case has finished? I have searched around the sight but have not been able to find the answer, any feedback would be great Thanks xx
  7. Can anybody plase help im not sure what actions i need to take next.... I have an outstanding debt with moorcroft who are collecting on behalf of natwest, i sent them the CCA letter a few weeks ago recorded delivery they failed to acknowledge my letter and continued to call me everyday ( i obviously ignored these calls) i sent another letter about 4 weeks later advising that i do not aknowledge any debt to them without a true signed copy of the original cca. They then advised me that they do not have the copy neither to natwest. Im unsure what i do now they still call me regularly, will they look to default thsi account or take me to court??????
  8. My understanding of these unfair charges, was that if the banks lost in court then they would have to repay everybody that they have taken these charges off? If this is the case this is gonna be a 'lot' of money, there going to defend there case to the hilt. Like monty mentioned they may opt to have a lower penalty charge of £12, I do still think that banks will continue to charge even a low amount, just look how much they make off people that wont claim these back! Im in the process on reclaiming my charges bank from the natwest so I hope this test thing aint gonna take too long! ha
  9. I think you could be right there monty....lets hope not tho!!
  10. this is the link to the website http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/faq/bankcharges-testcase-quickguide.pdf
  11. I was reading on the Financial Ombudsmen website yesterday and it stated that at the moment there is a test case undergoing regarding reclaiming bank charges and banks are suspending claims for bank charges until this ruleing has been complete, estimated time end of this year begining of next year. If the ruling is in favour of the bank, anybody trying to reclaims these charges will not succeed? Can anyone let me know if this is the case? Thanks
  12. Were you sent a direct debit confirmation for the 1st July's payment? Under the direct debit guarantee they must give you at least 10 working days notice of any futher debits from your account.
  13. i requested my statements with natwest on 5th June and got back my statements on the 12th July, they sent them all in the one envelope so I had to go through all the charges for the time i was with them. Sent off my second letter requesting my money back still awaiting there responce. Good Luck
  14. Thanks for that curlyben great relief. The debt that moorcroft are chasing is for £2000 which is made up of unfair bank charges from a previous bank account i had with natwest, which i am currently disputing. If they do refund me these charges where does Moorcroft stand? Or would that be down to the Natwest to inform them? thanks again for your help
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