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  1. Can anyone tell me the specific law that prohibits the charging of fixed penalty charges? It would be very useful to be able to quote this law instead of telling banks, telecoms/utility providers and associated companies that they were "in breach of consumer laws". Most of the firms charging these penalties, and presumably banks in particular, have had this woolly complaint over the years and just brush it off and ignore it. Tt would be good if I could confront them with something specific which they cannot sweep aside because it is a generalised moan. A specific law, with s
  2. Yes. I sent off 3 SARs. One of them is back with a lot of documentation (not the EE) and I have identified the items that have been charged to me and which I have paid. how do I get my money back? Do I just ask for it? Or do I have to take them to court?
  3. OK, once I have the SAR and the series of charges they have made and which I have paid, how do I get my money back? Do I just ask for it? Or do I have to take them to court? What happens now?
  4. I received the details from Watford County Court only a few days ago. The undated, unsigned letter - apparently par for the course at Watford - was accompanied by the Order for possession (mortgaged premises) (suspended) which stated that: The defendant give the claimant possession of [the property] on or before [date]. This order is not to be enforced so long as the defendant pays the claimant the unpaid installments under the mortgage of [sum] by the payments set out below in addition to the current installments under the mortgage. [Then gave details of payments, which I had alread
  5. I sent off the SAR a couple of weeks ago and I get a letter back from Mortgages 2 saying that the signature on my SAR letter and the signature on that they had for me were not the same. I checked my signature on the original mortgage application, and I looked at the signature on the SAR letter and it was quite clear that they were by the same person in every way imaginable! I wrote to them about this, sending them a screenshot of both signatures, and, of course, they conceded that I was quite right (they had to - I'm not copying the screenshots here for security reasons but they are
  6. Today I received a large pile of documents from Prestige Finance, with whom I have a second mortgage. I have identified 10 unlawful charges of £35 each. But this account was previously held by lenders GE Money. Either they went into administration and "became" Prestige Finance, or GE Money simply sold my account to Prestige Finance. I have identified seven unlawful "administration charges" of £40 each while the account was with GE Money, before I found my account being handled by Prestige Finance. So my question is in two parts. 1. Am I entitled to recover the £280
  7. I have a copy of the original mortgage agreement. The signature on that and the signature on my SAR letter are so similar as to be almost copies of each other! Only an idiot or a desperate person (or a crook) could assert that these signatures were not from the same hand! I have written back to them with images of both signatures and have told them to spot the difference. But I have also sent them a certified copy of my passport, so that - from this point on - there can be no doubt whatsoever as to the validity of my identity. The certification cost me £10.50 and my trai
  8. dx100uk, Hi. I got a response from Mortgages PLC today saying that they don't think that the signature in my SAR letter is mine because, according to them, "the signature/s provided do not match our records". Well, that's a new one! I have a copy of the original mortgage agreement and a copy of the SAR letter and it seems to me to be incontrovertible that they are by the same hand. They go on: "Under the General Data Protection Regulation we are entitled to a period of one calendar month in which to provide the information. The one calendar month period does not begin until we r
  9. That's exactly what is was. The court agreed that I was making overpayments which were acceptable and which would reduce the arrears. I haven't had anything in writing yet.
  10. I was told that the order was suspended. As I wrote in my earlier post, the judgment was "suspended". So that means I get to stay in my home and that the lenders, Mortgages PLC, lost their case. As far as I'm aware, that's what it means.
  11. The order was suspended, which I'm told means that my home will not be repossessed. Are there two different types of "suspended"?
  12. Thanks dx100uk. Would a SAR be appropriate? They did say they'd charge me £35 each for each month that went by without an agreement being in place. But I believe that they refused to put an agreement in place (in other words, agree to my agreement to overpay them every month) so they could charge me this amount every month. But if their small print says that they are allowed to charge me £35 every month that the agreement was not mutual, then surely that means they are justified in charging that. How do I justify getting that back? OR are ANY such fines defined a
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