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  1. I'm currently not working, due to ill health, and am in receipt of ESA. Although I don't feel completely ready to start working again, I'm finding it really difficult trying to survive on the benefits, so am looking for part time jobs. I am subscribed to the DWP/JobCentre Plus website called `Jobungo', and have noticed several job offers detailing opportunities for working from home s e.g. data entry/typing documents/stuffing envelopes. Can anyone tell me if these sites are legal and safe, or are they all/mostly phishing traps? Or, does the fact that they are on the approved `Jobungo' jobs site, provide satisfactory validation? I have 3 main concerns. One site asks for an upfront £26.00 Registration payment. If I proceed, is it likely that I will get the promised work? Secondly, if the work doesn't then materialise, would I get my money back, and would this be straightforward? Lastly, a few years ago, I clicked onto a link to a similar `work from home' site. It turned out to be bogus, and my email account was hacked. (My email provider then blocked my account, and it was a long process proving my innocence, and getting access again). Before I contact JobCentre Plus/DWP, has anyone got any advice or experience of this? If so, are there specific companies in this field to steer clear of, and conversely, any companies with good records? I'm desperately hoping someone can help. Little Eva
  2. Hello All, While I've been a registered member for quite a while, I don't think I've actually ever posted anything. I avidly read and watch consumer news, and I successfully claimed back PPI from 2 credit cards, and flagged up a fake Paypal email I received. Next on my To Do List are reclaiming excessive mortgage fees and reclaiming unfair bank charges. I joined because I think that so many companies would make huge profits anyway just by playing by the rules, and it REALLY, REALLY annoys me when they use unfair, underhand, illegal tricks/methods to pry more money from their unsuspecting customers. I mean, how many times can they attribute "unforseen mistakes" to "administrative errors", and expect us to accept it? I pledge to be a more regular CAGer, in both posting and reading threads. I also promise to play my part, in helping with information and answers when I can, and backing CAG campaigns. Finally, a big thank you in advance to all you wonderful CAGers who may provide me with answers and responses, in the future. Of course, congratulations to CAG itself, especially for all the amazing research you guys do to bring all this amazing information to our attention. Keep up the good work. Little Eva
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