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  1. I'm currently not working, due to ill health, and am in receipt of ESA. Although I don't feel completely ready to start working again, I'm finding it really difficult trying to survive on the benefits, so am looking for part time jobs. I am subscribed to the DWP/JobCentre Plus website called `Jobungo', and have noticed several job offers detailing opportunities for working from home s e.g. data entry/typing documents/stuffing envelopes. Can anyone tell me if these sites are legal and safe, or are they all/mostly phishing traps? Or, does the fact that they are on the approved `Jobu
  2. Hello All, While I've been a registered member for quite a while, I don't think I've actually ever posted anything. I avidly read and watch consumer news, and I successfully claimed back PPI from 2 credit cards, and flagged up a fake Paypal email I received. Next on my To Do List are reclaiming excessive mortgage fees and reclaiming unfair bank charges. I joined because I think that so many companies would make huge profits anyway just by playing by the rules, and it REALLY, REALLY annoys me when they use unfair, underhand, illegal tricks/methods to pr
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