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  1. So


    I have recieved, what appears to be a standard reply from Neil Mckirdy, to my Prelim, and I want to know should I wait to the 14 days to send the LBA, hence this looks good on my part or should I send it as they have refused to send money.


    Next when I do send LBA I assume i should send it to the department Neil is in? Or to him specifically?


    Finally has anyone been sucessful in claiming charges from YB? If so who and at what stage did they pay?



  2. Hi


    I was shocked this morning to find that Natwest had refused a DD on my account and charged me £38, (which was more than the DD amount) because my account was 19p short!


    I had found out on Sunday that the funds were short, so transfered £20 from another Natwest account so that they would arrive on Monday.


    They claim the charge was done because the DD was requested at Monday 00:00:01 and that the money transfered in at 00:00:02! So they claim technically not there!


    Also they told me that for funds to be cleared in an account they should be there 24 hours before they are to be withdrawn/taken including cash paid in over the counter!


    Well after arguing for only 4 minutes they agreed to refund half the charge, then I exlpained the charges are unlawful and against OFT guidlienes, by 11 minutes they had refunded the total charge, but explained future charges would stand!!



  3. Is your holding branch close by (you'll get your statements much quicker by collecting them from the branch)? They are printed centrally (in 2 different places pre & post 2005) but they'll be sent to your holding branch for them to send up to HQ.


    No my branch is now about 2 hours drive away!


    Why arent they just posted direct to me from the central locations, is this just a delaying tactic to have them sent to two locations before they arrive to me!


    When can i start to include 8% in my calculations just out of interest?

  4. They are aware of the fact this is a DP disclosure and they understand the £10 covers the request for the statements too.


    They are not saying if there were or weren't manual interventions, they are flatly refusing to give details of this as they say I am not entitled to know this information.


    Interestingly when I contacted them about when the statements would arrive, they told me that they are all generated centrally and not at branch level anymore!?


    I think my situation could turn into a nightmare as my original branch closed and it was moved by them to another holding branch, has anyone been in this situation and had any problems?

  5. Ok heres an update,


    DPA posted to YB on 28th April 2006,

    Letter recieved from collections on 4th May saying 'cough up'


    Now today letter recieved, dated 16th May, ackowledging my request for statements and stating they have 40 days, but I assume that this 40 days is from around the 28/04 and not 16/05? Anybody?


    Seccondly they write:

    "We also note your request for disclosure of data relating to manual intervention on your account. This is not data which you are enititled to receive under a data subject access request and accordingly no such disclusire will be made."


    Is this what other people have experienced? Should they disclose these details to me?

  6. Hi


    I have/had an account with YB. I encountered money problems which were made 100x worse by their regieme of charges.


    They have asked me to pay what I owe to them.


    I sent off a DPA request letter to them including the £10, they have sent me a letter back saying


    "thankyou for the £10, it was not what we were expecting please send full payment"


    even though in my letter I said I would be claiming charges they levied against me and would be using this to offset what I owe them. I believe the ammount I owe them will be dwarfed by what they owe me.


    I want some advise on what to do now. I sent the letter to a collections address, should I send another letter, this time without the £10, but where to?


    Help please anyone.

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