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  1. Hi All, I too have received a final reminder for the FULL amount of £170,yet the signs within the car park state £150.They did NOT respond to my letter telling for them to contact the driver,which is no great surprise!! Does anyone know if I have any standing on the difference of the amounts this company is trying to extort and any advice as whether to respond or not and in what format?
  2. Thanks for all your replies and support:) its just good to know that others have challenged these crooks and won!! 1st letter sent today so will see what the resonse is...(expecting something along lines of chococats letter) will keep you posted and thanks again everyone:cool: Emma
  3. Hi I'm wondering if any one can offer any advice at all. I recently received a 'parking charge civil enforcement notice' from Civil Enforcement Limited for parking in what has always been a free precinct car park in Ashton in Makerfield, Wigan...clearly not any longer!!!. The letter asks me to pay £170,reduced to £85 if paid within 14 days....as per the terms and conditions displayed in the car park. I revisited this car park the other day and the signs say the fines are £150 and £75 if staying over 2 1/2 hrs completely different to my notice!!... ....also after speaking with several shop ow
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