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  1. fair point Mrmee Why do you have to swear at the telemarketer? and believe it or not these guys earn 3 times more than the national average wage so it is a proper job, and thats always one thing that bothers me what is a proper job?
  2. So Harry thats your choice Harry, all Im saying is go TPS if you dont want the calls, or asked to be removed form the database. and yes abuse does come with the terrority, but for the amount these guys earn its worth someone getting high rate on the other end. sometimes you get a kick out of how mad they actually go
  3. I appreciate that But with word verification and call recording it is great, but with that you need a quality assurance team, and they are targeted on listening to x amounts of calls. Just more expense to the blue chips and the call centers that isnt needed, I know many many companies that will take on a training and quality team, JUST to help them win new clients, hence why a lot of training jobs are on a contract basis and they pay so much. Infact a certain Call centre Group with over 2,500 sales people on the phones have a team of 12 Quality assurance staff who sit there an
  4. I have to be honest on here I love the idea regards to the post and stuff, brilliant, but i have never had junk mail, i just avoid all marketing surveys and can honestly hold my hands up and say i have never had a peice of junk mail On the back of the call centres its all a bit cruel, and by letting them hold on your making the agent look better than he/she is Ive been working in call centres for over 8 years, started as a telemarketer and now im a regional training manager for the likes of Sky, O2, Vodafone, Banks etc... By leaving the phone haning on is a great way for an
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