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  1. Good news! Well my wife's case with LTSB was in the pipeline when all this came about. They had decided to settle out of court and we were worried that this news would affect their word, but good news!...We've just checked her account RIGHT now and guess what, they have refunded her ALL the charges plus court fees! So, Don't Panic my friend - Keep on Keeping on!
  2. Thanks, that's encouraging
  3. Sent LLoyds prem letter and After saying we are sorry, you can check your credit at anytime to know if you are going to be overdrawn etc etc, they then state the following: 'You've mentioned the new guidelines from the Office of Fair Trading on credit card default charges. We don't agree with the OFT's thinking on this and we're still talking it through with them. But the important point is that the guidelines only concern 'default' charges. The fees we charge for going over an overdraft limit and for returned payments are not any kind of default penalty. They are fixed standard price
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