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  1. Just pay the 42.50 on Bristow and Sutors website print of the reciept and the problem is solved , before you get into a real problem with levy fees and van call outs etc.
  2. I may be wrong: heres the section B& S are quoting but it doesnt say anything about multiple liability orders. Distress 45.—(1) Where a liability order has been made, the authority which applied for the order may levy the appropriate amount by distress and sale of the goods of the debtor against whom the order was made. (2) The appropriate amount for the purposes of paragraph (1) is the aggregate of— (a)an amount equal to any outstanding sum which is or forms part of the amount in respect of which the liability order was made, and (b)a sum determined in accordance with Schedule 5 in respect of charges connected with the distress. (3) If, before any goods are seized, the appropriate amount (including charges arising up to the time of the payment or tender) is paid or tendered to the authority, the authority shall accept the amount and the levy shall not be proceeded with. (4) Where an authority has seized goods of the debtor in pursuance of the distress, but before sale of those goods the appropriate amount (including charges arising up to the time of the payment or tender) is paid or tendered to the authority, the authority shall accept the amount, the sale shall not be proceeded with and the goods shall be made available for collection by the debtor. (5) The person levying distress on behalf of an authority shall carry with him the written authorisation of the authority, which he shall show to the debtor if so requested; and he shall hand to the debtor or leave at the premises where the distress is levied a copy of this regulation and Schedule 5 and a memorandum setting out the appropriate amount, and shall hand to the debtor a copy of any close or walking possession agreement entered into. (6) A distress may be made anywhere in England and Wales. (7) A distress shall not be deemed unlawful on account of any defect or want of form in the liability order, and no person making a distress shall be deemed a trespasser on that account; and no person making a distress shall be deemed a trespasser from the beginning on account of any subsequent irregularity in making the distress, but a person sustaining special damage by reason of the subsequent irregularity may recover full satisfaction for the special damage (and no more) by proceedings in trespass or otherwise. (8) The provisions of this regulation shall not affect the operation of any enactment which protects goods of any class from distress. (9) Nothing in the Distress (Costs) Act 1817(1), as extended by the Distress (Costs) Act 1827(2), (which makes provision as to the costs and expenses of the levying of certain distresses) shall apply to a distress under this regulation. Although i am happy that they have dropped the LEVY fees and the van attendance fee and the redemption fee: They are still charging me first visit fees for both LOs on the same day/time. Now i am not sure about this so i will write back asking them to clarify where exactly it says they can do this.
  3. I think this means they can? 1. The sum in respect of charges connected with the distress which may be aggregated under regulation 45(2) shall be set out in the following Table— http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1992/613/schedule/5/made
  4. Update: letter from B&S extract; "There was no second levy, our records show that we levied once on 15/01/2001 however the legislation states that we can charge fees per liability order." "With regards the redemption fee this is charged in aacordance with Head H in Section 5 of the council tax regulations and is payable for the release of the goods back into your control. Although it is added to the case at the time we seize the goods , the payment of this fee is not taken till the very end. if the debt is not paid or we instead remove and sell goods then the redemption fee is credited"
  5. ARRRGh thats unfortunate! my councils website has last years amount otstanding and this years installments seperate.
  6. Actually and i know i am a minority with this but i have all the statements etc and there havnt been many charges except the odd £5.00 when my payment has been declined by my debit card. there is of course the £350.00 shortfall Extra insurance also tacked onto the loan.
  7. The council dont seem to like me sending copies of my complaints to them:
  8. Ok so they would pay off the outstanding loan and give me the rest. yeah the Insolvency Service didnt request any action on it because it was in joint names and it was fairly new so welcome didnt worry about it either ( well they wouldnt would they). The IS even returned a couple of hundred pounds worth of premium bonds i had.
  9. brassnecked is right. Its of the utmost importance you pay the account thats in default. Check out the online payment section under council tax on your Local Authorty website. Thats exactly what i did it gave me the option by the year.
  10. I recently received a letter from FSCS stating i was entitled to claim back my PPi from Welcome car finance of £2682.52 . which is all good but i have just one worry. on the form it asks if i was ever declared bankrupt? now i was in 2007 and discharged in 2008. I declared the loan to the insolvency people and welcome but no one ever did anything about it, due to it being in joint names, and welcome wasnt really interested. my partner carried on and paid welcome and i contributed again once i was discharged and back to work, the loan is now virtually paid off. does anyone know if will the Bankruptcy effect the repayment of the PPI at all.
  11. Because when you pay on line it gives you the option of which years liability your paying (well it does om my particular councils website) I hope yours does too.
  12. If it leaves you skint pay it off in installments online. In the meantime get a breakdown of charges from the bailiffs and send a SAR to the bailiffs send copies of both requests to the council and by signed for post , post the breakdown on here and let the guys have a look , Dont put any personal stuff like full name and addresss or reference numbers on here though!,no need to pay the bailiffs anymore than you have to. I have to add that i couldnt have achieved what i did without the help of the people on this forum.
  13. The council did nothing! they told me not to pay, and to pay the bailiffs. I kept on paying regardless untill the account was clear. the bailiffs turned up occassionally and rang a few times, i told them straight i wasnt giving them a penny and i was paying the council . I had all sorts of threats including imprisonment from the Bailiffs . I sent for a breakdown of charges sent it to the council who said it was all legit. I then sent a SAR got that back and sent a copy to the council and low and behold hundreds of pounds were deemed invalid. Actually it went on for around 18 months because i wouldnt accept the Bailiff charges or the affirmation of their legitimacy from the council. and i was right to do so. I am Ok with paying the legitimate charges of the Bailiffs, I. E. first and second visit charges.
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