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  1. Hi Tiffwales Perhaps you should start your own thread, you can be sure of plenty of help on here. Keep us updated. NWJx
  2. Good luck ... you will have plenty of help on here.. is it me or are there a lot of people coming forward with their experiences of dealing with this 'lovely' company.
  3. Update - its been a while:wink: ... I submitted my AQ on time to the court...but lo and behold FU were late submitting again !!! (bloody cheek) I received a notice from the court that they had until the 12th Aug to submit... I heard nothing until this..... and the cocky buggers also sent this along with their LATE AQ Asking for a summary judgement Attached to the AQ was their Witness Statement After much deliberating with my best pal Postie, this is his reply which will be sent recorded delivery to both the court and FU solicitors tomorrow.
  4. Hi postie I havent had chance yet, I have been working 8.30-4.30 so courts closed by the time I get home, Im on annual leave next week so if I hear nothing by then I will give them a ring on Monday. Take care NWJx
  5. Thanks... A couple of questions on the AQ Do I have to send a copy of of completed aq to fu? Sec A - do you want to attempt to settle at this stage? Y/N If No, please state reasons below why you consider it unappropriate to try to settle the claim at this stage?? Pre-action Protocols - You are expected to comply with the relevant pre-action protocol. Have you done so?? If no, explain why? Witnesses, So far as you know at this stage, what witnesses of face do you intend to call at the trial or final hearing, if appropriate, yourself? Fast track for the claim?? How long do you
  6. Really ...wow thats great... how often do you do it... Ive tried the 20 min work out every other night... do you think thats enough??? Its good fun really... my daughter joins in... we have a good laugh!!
  7. Thanks sick.as.a.chip Just an update...received from the court today... Notice that a Defence Has Been Filed, Notice of Transfer of Proceedings and Allocation Questionaire. AQ to be completed and returned by 1st August.
  8. Hi Postie Not heard a thing yet... prob early days, Ive dug out the details of the last claim, and also the letter of discontinuance sent by the court, can this be added to the witness statement??
  9. Just completed the 20 min express ... breathless, kn***kered and my hair stuck to my face... good fun though...off to have a shower
  10. Hi all, After years of trying to shift the pounds, Ive just started using the Zumba exercise dvd's...has anyone tried it and if so, have you had any good weight loss??? NWJx
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