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  1. No I haven't, wouldn't even know where to start - any help greatly appreciated.
  2. Having looked at all the paperwork I have got, I have done everything that has been requested. I filed the N180 form and Lowell have now sent me copies of paperwork they rely upon, although the copy of credit agreement does not show my signature, it has a Vanquis stamp over it with a signature of theirs. I do not know what I am to do next and I only have till 27th September to submit whatever it is I am supposed to do.
  3. I received a letter from the Court yesterday to say that they had sent the wrong General Form of Judgement or Order out and to disregard it. They also enclosed a new order which says:- The Claimant having failed to comply with the previous Order requiring the filing of evidence to be relied upon is ordered that:- Unless the Claimant files and confirms service on the Defendant by 2pm on 27th September 2017 a copy of the evidence the Claimant intends to rely upon will case will be struck out. It also says:- The Defendant having failed to comply with the previous Order requiring the filing of evidence relied upon it is ordered that:- Unless the Defendant files and confirms service on the Claimant by 2pm on 27th September 2017 a copy of the evidence the Defendant intends to reply upon, the Defence and any Counterclaim is automatically struck out, and the Claimant has permission to enter judgement providing the Claimant has complied with the orders made in this matter and the Claim has not been struck out. In light of the above, can someone tell me what I am supposed to do next, as on the previous order I received from Court, it didn't tell me to do anything, it was informing the Claimant to send me the relevant paperwork I had asked for (ie. copy of agreement etc) I only have a couple of days to put something together if that is what I am supposed to do - not sure at all.
  4. I don't think I have sent in a witness statement. I have only recently received documents from Solicitors. The credit agreement they have sent me does not show my signature, it is covered by a Vanquis tamp with their signature in it. Also, the letter just received from court has asked both Lowell and myself to send in a completed Allocation Questionnaire and fee - do I have to do this and where do I get the form from. The case has already been allocated to a track as I have a court date beginning of October. Not sure what to do from here.
  5. I have been dealing with Lowell as they are taking me to court for non-payment of a credit card from three years ago. A court date has been set for beginning of October and Lowell have sent me the paperwork requested after being told to by the court, albeit the credit agreement does not have my signature on it is covered up by a vanquis stamp and signature. Today I have received a General Form of Judgement or Order which states that:- UNLESS the claimant files a completed allocation questionnaire and pays the fee by 4pm on .... the claim will be struck out without further order. UNLESS the defendant files a completed allocation questionnaire and pays the fee by 4pm on .... the claim will be struck out without further order. Am unsure what I am supposed to do and hope someone can help. Many Thanks.
  6. I have tried to claim PPI back from GE Money and after 8 weeks of them investigating the matter they have informed me that it is Freedom Finance I need to chase. What I need an answer to is the following:- In their letter to me they say that Freedom Finance advised us about the PPI, but it was GE Money that purchased it on our behalf - Is this right, if Freedom Finance were selling the PPI to us, surely they would have purchased it. any info would be greatfully appreciated.
  7. The claimants solicitors are Aplins. Have you an idea as to what I put in my letter to them and would I send a copy of this to the Court. Again, thank you very much for your help so far.
  8. If I want to go for a Tomlin Order, what is my next move - do I write to DLC or do I write to the County Court? Sorry for asking so many questions, but in unfamiliar territory.
  9. Do I put that in a letter to DLC now or wait for the Court to contact us. And would this Order be applicable due to the amount we owe as it would take years rather than months to pay off.
  10. Update:- I sent the admissions papers back to Aplins and on 25/05/2010 we received a letter from DLC saying that they had been notified of our admission and have instructed Aplins to reject offer of payment, the reason for this is they want to persuade the court to make an order for payment of the full amount forthwith in order that they can apply for a charging order on our property. The letter goes on to say that there is no intention to seek to enforce the charging order, if obtained, by applying for an order for sale nor to use it as a lever to try to force payments that we cannot afford. They want the Charging order simply to obtain a form of security with it being a large debt. If they are successful in ontaining Charging Order then they are content to accept payments at the rate we offered and say that there is nothing stopping us commencing these payments now. Any suggestions as to what course of action we should take now?
  11. Yes it is a personal loan, it is about 3 years old
  12. Sorry I haven't been on for a couple of days. I can't scan up agreement and default notice as my home computer is broken and my work don't have the facilities (which is where I am now). I have got to have paperwork back by end of week so am thinking I will admit to all claim and hope they keep the repayments to a minimum once I have done income & expenditure sheet. My only concern is that me and my partner own our own home (we pay a mortgage), and I really dread the thought that they would make us sell it and there is not much equity in it at moment so can't release that. What do you think the outcome may be?
  13. My partner and I have a joint debt in the sum of approx £17,500 which was originally with Liverpool Victoria which they passed onto Hillesdens and they have now instructed Aplins to collect the debt via court action. We have both been issued separate court papers from our local county court, I received mine on 8th May, my partner his on 10th May. We need to respond to these asap. We are not quite sure what action to take next - we did receive a copy of the agreement from Hillesdens which looks like it is enforceable. Any help would gratefully be appreciated.
  14. My brother was made redundant in June 2008 and when he received his redundacy money he put it in a joint savings account with his girlfriend. The account had no other money in it and his redundancy money is the only thing that has been credited. He split up from his girlfriend a few weeks ago and he went in to transfer some of his money to his current account and was told that he couldn't do this without his ex partners signature - They said to him how do they know it is his money? They gave him a form for his ex partner to sign but she has refused and her mother is now seeking legal advice (she wants to get hold of his money basically - not content with messing up his life!!) He desperately needs access to these funds and has his redundancy paperwork confirming the amount he received. Can the bank stop him accessing these funds. He is going to be homeless as of Friday and is on benefits and no-one wants to provide any help. Any help or advice from your goodselves would be much appreciated.
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