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  1. Thanks SB defence submitted, another wait and see time. Thanks to all who helped this far .
  2. Hi I have phoned bank and courts . Any of the account numbers mention on the POC ,they do not know. Phoned the court and at last a lady who was very helpful and said ,to cover myself send in my defence. As the solicitors have not given me a def date I will send in Statue barred defence as you advise as well. Thank you
  3. I do not know how to ask for extra time from the courts
  4. I believe it to be SB however I cannot confirm what the account is. I will phone the bank and see what they can tell me.
  5. I will make some calls tomorrow, Courts& Banks[to try and trace the account]and then Sols to gather some information. CPR 31.14 offers to allow extra time. If I submit my defence to the time dates. Would this cause problems over them not having extra time or does it make no difference if I submit it this week. I have found it hard to speak the right person at the courts but I have some spare time tomorrow. Thanks
  6. Hi Phoned solicitors, they said they would send a follow up letter enforcing what they already have said in the first letter but would not name a date and that all was on hold and they would not seek judgement against me. They said this was enough to satisfy the courts should I need to. Got through to the courts ,the guy just said if I do not believe the solicitors- send in my defence. I will wait as long as I dare ,for the letter,maybei could send in my defence .Not sure again what to do. If I send the first letter to the courts ,would that be good enough . Thanks
  7. I am thinking submit a defence and should things prove otherwise ask the courts permission to amend ? or maybe not? Have to leave it all to the last minute, maybe phone solicitors to put dates in writing to me. Thanks
  8. Can I submit a defence but when/if paperwork arrives somehow change it Thanks
  9. Thanks. How about the 14 days extra they talk about .would I be better to stick to the time scale already.I am still not sure what this account is.
  10. I do hope so.What about the ;14 days to respond to the claim; is that an extra 14 days.And should they already hold the paperwork from the POC before the start a claim Thanks
  11. No address under M/Property.checked with Land Registry and its clear. Thanks
  12. What do you think of the letters above, I thought they should have all the documents mentioned in the POC already
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