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  1. Thanks again Perseus I'll set out a response and post it for comment. As you say stranger things have happened. Ultimately I've decided i have no issue taking this to court action if necessary. Bring it on Thanks cg266
  2. Hi Dar£n and Welshcakes Thanks for the advice I think I know where I'm going now its just reassuring to get the advice of others Thanks again and I'll keep you posted cg266
  3. Thanks for the advice Perseus. I think I should continue on with the claim. There is no interest added at this point and I'm still paying back the overdraft so £300 I fail to claim back is an additional £300 I have to find to pay back Barclays. What would be the next step if I continue with my claim. Many thanks Perseus
  4. Hi all I am part way through the process of reclaiming what Barclays owe me and I have had an offer of £915 against a claim for £1225 not bad but not close enough. What do I do now??????????? Also so far I have claimed no interest should I start pushing for that as well? Thank you CAG for all your help with the templates I'll be sure to get that donation to you when I get my money from Barclays grubby little mitts. Thanks again
  5. Hi New to posting messages on this site but a grateful user of the templates, many thanks. I made an initial approach a couple of months back for £1300 and have now received an offer of £915. I am not quite sure whether or not to cut and run. Given the offer would anyone out there be inclined to take this further and risk my overdraft limit being cancelled? I have the paracute account with A&L but can't afford yet to pay of my Barclays overdraft. Any thoughts? Many thanks cg266
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