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  1. thanks for that, i wasn't sure if me paying his bills meant i had any legal comeback. now he's in the care home he recieves £152 and out of that the carehome fees are £127 pw leaving him £24 for any needs. not much they can reduce really.
  2. an update.. sent letters off for the chair and bed and not heard anything yet. new development though is, whilst my father has been in hospital i've been paying his bills , in november the respite home asked for an assessment re him going into a nursing home. it was decided he still had mental capacity but was unable to look after himself in a meaningful way so in to a nursing home he goes. social services have been and done a financial assessment today and the council are paying for his care. then they informed me that i have to cancel his dla and pension credit and it should have been do
  3. really could do with an answer to my last question. don't want to put myself in trouble. thanks
  4. thanks Neil. just another query . so far i only have a verbal agreement from the physio and rgn at the care home that my father is unable to look after his affairs, i have no power of attorney at the moment neither does social services. am i still ok to act in his best interests. as previously stated there are no assets involved other than the bed and chair.
  5. that would be great neil6534 i'll pm you my email address.
  6. no he has no other assets, less than 1000 in the bank now. just bought his funeral plan thank goodness.
  7. right found another finance agreement fot £2106 for a chair , on that one there is no voluntary termination rights printed, i'm still trying to find the full agreement for the bed. thanks
  8. my father has just being declared unfit to make sound judgements of his care needs and financial affairs. as his son I'm trying to sort through mountains of junk have come across a credit agreement for nearly £6000 for a bed, he still has 3 years to pay on this. I know because its still on finance i can't sell it. he has no assets and once he goes in to a care home he will have no funds to pay for it. any ideas of how to sort this out please. he currently owes about £3000 on it.
  9. well this hasn't gone well. did as suggested above , fraud dept say its more of a dispute, to which i replied "how can it be a dispute if he's not agreed to use of his card" then they said they are not responsible because he gave his permission to IWG BAAR. who have no phone number email address etc.. so confused by it all. one minute they are saying it's a CPA then there saying someone is actually putting his card details into the gambling site and now they say it's a CPA again. all supposedly cancelled now but I've heard it before
  10. Yes I have, crime number etc. Though since it was reported to them I have heard nothing..
  11. further update, just spoken to the fraud dept at lloyds and they are now saying that his card details are being put into a on-line gambling site, i explained that he has given no one permission to use this card for any reason nor would he know how to use the internet. as far as i am aware that constitutes fraud but according to them this goes back to at least June last year so it's more of a dispute than fraud. she said they will look more into it and keep us updated. any further ideas please . thanks
  12. to be honest, i thought i had it all in hand. it seemed just a question of cancelling a cpa. since then it's taken on a mind of its own. thanks
  13. having major troubles with lloyds over this now. every month for the last 3 months a payment 0f $167 has gone out to IWG BAAR,, my father know nothing of this, it's from his lloyds platinum card. he rang lloyds up in April to query the payment who assured him no further payments would be taken. since then another payment has been taken. he immediately rang up lloyds who said that IWG was using his card for internet gambling sites, they said that they was inputting the card details straight into the website. he doesn't even know the company, has no internet etc
  14. Is there a template letter to cancel a CPA. My father has just been charged £200 on a CPA from iwg. Need to cancel asap. Thanks
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