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  1. I have today received the following letter, what does this now mean, if anything? NOTICE OF PROCEEDINGS - PURSUANT TO THE COUNTY COURTS ACT, 1984: Despite our earlier correspondence relating to your debt due to Shop Direct in the sum of £110.18 in relation to Debt Managers Reference: XXXXXXXX we have not received payment of this debt. We therefore give notice pursuant to the County Courts Act, 1984, that proceedings to recover this debt, together with Solicitors fees and costs will be instigated immediately in the Rotherham County Court. Details of any judgements obtained in relation to this debt may be supplied to credit referencing organisations and may impede your ability to obtain credit in the future. Should you wish to avoid this action IMMEDIATE payment of the full outstanding sum of £110.18 should be made payable to Debt Managers Limited and sent to the above address. The reference number XXXXXXXX should be quoted in all correspondence. Should you have any queries relating to this matter or an alternative method of payment, telephone our Recoveries Dept....
  2. I complained to FOS about Sky Card's Harassment. They replied saying they could not pursue the complaint as Sky Card had a right to: Contact me by phone even though i told them not to, contact me 5 or 6 times per day etc Rather fed-up and disappointed with them! Any others had this?
  3. The actual agreement is between my gran and GE Capital Bank, as she took the credit on a pc for me 3 years ago. With all due respect, you don't know me, nor do you know my circumstances. I have made all reasonable attempts to communicate with my gran, but when she won't answer the telephone, or reply to letters there is only so much I can do! She is in Edinburgh, and I am in London! I agree to a certain extent, but this is not the first time. We were told a few years ago that as far as she was concerned she had no grandchildren, well now as far as I'm concerned I don't have a grandmother. She is simply someone else whom I owe money to, and so she will simply have to join the queue.
  4. My gran has suddenly turned bitter and twisted, a general old person's thing I believe. If she wants to take legal action, then its her decision, I don't really care! I'm just surprised that she would do that! My Mum, who is visiting me in London at the moment (as the family are in Edinburgh) was here when I received the letter. My mum wants nothing to do with it, and is just taking a step back. My partner is absolutely fuming! He wants to phone my gran and give her a piece of his mind!
  5. Well I've received a letter from a solicitor who is being instructed by my grandmother. I owe her around £300 and simply cannot afford to pay it, I already have almost £10k debts. She has now went to a solicitor regarding this. I am shocked that my so-called grandmother would do this! So, I've now sent a letter to the solicitor. They demanded I repay the full debt by 4th September.
  6. I know that the police won't deal with this for a fact, and i'm pretty sure it's mentioned throughout this forum. I have complained to them formally, and they have sent their final response, which I was not happy with, and therefore sent a further letter. I was then contacted on the phone by the person dealing with my complaint, who advised me she would remove my phone number, and the phone calls would stop. That was 4 days ago, and i'm still getting them. They were supposed to send a letter confirming that the number would be removed, this has not been received yet. Kieran x
  7. Well I spoke to the person who is dealing with my harassment complaint on 20th August, and I was promised over the phone that my number would be removed from the system, but 4 days on I'm still getting calls from them. I'm not sure whether to send a final notice to them, or whether to refer it straight to the Financial Ombudsman. Any ideas anyone? Thanks Kieran x
  8. Ok, I've solved this one myself, for future reference its firstname.surname@skycard.com This thread can be closed. Hi Guys I'm trying to work out how I email someone at Sky Card Customer Relations. I have an ongoing complaint regarding Harassment, but it takes forever sending letters (and it's costly). I have my Customer Relations persons name, but i wasn't sure if it'd be: firstname.surname@skycard.com; or firstname.surname@barclays.com (as SkyCard is from Barclays) Anyone have any idea? Thanks!
  9. I'm currently in a dispute with Sky Card regarding telephone harassment. They seem to think it's fine to contact someone 3 or 4 times daily, they have now been sent a reply to their initial reply. I answered one of their calls from the Milton Keynes Collections Centre, and the Customer Service Advisor was very rude, when I told him my rights, and to remove my number he responded by saying that he wasn't removing the number because I owe them money. I will not be spoken to the way he spoke to me, so I have since left them in no doubt that if they do not stop, this will be taken further. Regards Kieran
  10. I sent a warning letter to Nationwide Debt Recovery NDR (part of Littlewoods Group), and they stopped contacting me by telephone. I also sent a warning letter to Mercers Debt Collections (part of Barclays/Barclaycard), they have also stopped, but they seriously messed up whilst investigating by the response coming from Barclaycard, as the Formal Complaint was made against Mercers Debt Collections Ltd. Regards Kieran
  11. What times are DCA's able to call between? and on what days? I've been trying to search but can't find anything. I currently have complaints lodged with The Royal Bank of Scotland plc, Capital One Bank (Europe) plc, Sky Card. Sky Card have replied and basically saying that they don't see a problem phoning me, they have now received a letter that will put them in doubt as to their position, especially after a very rude telephone call to their Collections Team in Milton Keynes. I am aware I owe them money but I will NOT be spoken to the way they seem to think it's acceptable for their staff to speak to customers. Anyone else had any dealings with Sky Card?
  12. If these laws are in place, but no-one is willing to enforce them, then what is the point of them being there! We need someone to take responsbility and actually enforce them.
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