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  1. go to uptherevolt (no gap here) .weebly.com/ Sign my form and vote. Its time we got nasty!
  2. Hi, I have a query, I am currently claiming with FSCS for ppi arranged by Regency Mortgage Services and The Personal Loan Express. Delloitte are handling them. Delloite have told me that they can't do anything about the first ppi sold in 2003, but that the can with the second in 2005(both Regency)Hence, doubly insured. My question is this- when the FSA took over in 2004 looking after mortgages and insurances they stated that they would cover customers whose companies had been members of the MCCB who would be covered by the MCB which the FSA was taking over. Surely this means that the FSCS
  3. I'm not an expert, but I am an avid reader. My understanding is that if the broker was regulated by the FSA and it has gone bust you can make a claim through the FSCS. You can check to see if a company has gone bust through the FSA. If you are claiming PPI, some are being told to make a claim to the insurer of the PPI where the Broker was not under the FSA unbrella. Assuming that either the Broker or the insurance company (which should be) were under the FSA, then you can make a claim online through the FOS, and you could ask the FOS for advice. A claim firm could still make you wait yea
  4. Complaints about members of GISC and MCCB 3.2 This year, the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Transitional Provisions) (Complaints Relating to General Insurance and Mortgages) Order was made. It sets out a new way for certain complaints that would previously have fallen under the Mortgage Code Arbitration Scheme or the Dispute Resolution Facility set up by GISC to be dealt with from 31 October 2004 (in the case of mortgage activities) and 14 January 2005 (in the case of insurance mediation activities). It provides for these complaints to be dealt with by the Financial Omb
  5. Sorry needed to get around posting links problem Complaints about members of GISC and MCCB is in the FSA handbook for 2004
  6. The Personal Loan Express is in default and my understanding is that if you need to claim from them, then your only route is the FSCS. Call FSCS on 020 7892 7300 (someone should be able to tell you how to claim). This might be of interest to you and any body else refused by the FOS on grounds of the date. You can check who the company was regulated by at the bottom of any letters you recieved pre 2004 Complaints about members of GISC and MCCB 3.2 This year, the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Transitional Provisions) (Complaints Relating to General Insurance and
  7. Hi, I too have a claim with Personal Loan Express and GE money. I think that you will find that the broker has gone bust. Keep all your documents safe and contact the FSCS to make a claim. Good Luck
  8. I would like to know how you get on with this as my landlady has won a possession order even though I went to great lengths in providing what I thought was an iron clad defence in writing. I.E. No TDS notification, no gas certificate for two years, failure to respond to a report over 13 months without a hot water supply to sinks and bath (due to faulty heater), correspondance from her without full contact details, a separate deposit paid to her agent by cheque not mentioned in tenancy agreement. I may have been stupid, but I am a fast learner ready to fight and what do I get (a Judge who doe
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