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  1. I think you should send an sar to POPLA also just in case there has been some skullduggery going on. According to the POPLA notice you first received, Initial had withdrawn their PCN and don't appear to have provided POPLA with their appeal. You know not to contact Abigale don't you? That is a terribly biased letter from her and worth a complaint to the ICO as misrepresenting the situation. She says her goal is to get you a fair outcome when she is not offering you anything of the sort. All she is doing is pushing you to accept what she has said and pay up. She has not offered a discount of any sort and appears to think the car park signage is ok and Initial observes all relevant legislation
  2. The DVLA know less about POFA than my dog that died twenty years ago. They also never admit they have made an error. Trading Standards would probably be a better avenue for you either on Council inaction on no pp thus appearing to aid and abet a PE scam, condoning PE committing an offence and allowing them to rip off the Council customers as well as financial impropriety by not insisting that PE pay for the requisite fees for permission. You could also complain to the ICO on the same grounds and get two investigations going.
  3. I am surprised that POPLA found that your appeal had failed when Initial's response to the appeal had been withdrawn. There was no need for them to adjudicate. POP.LA should have agreed that you had won your appeal. I wonder if Initial knew something that you and obviously POPLA didn't. Ignore DRP. I was going to advise you write to Initial stating that as they had withdrawn their PCN on appeal so if DRP were acting on instructions from Initial they have breached your GDPR. However on second thoughts you may be best to send them a SAR first to get confirmation that they had withdrawn their claim before going for the breach.
  4. Land owner covers quite a few variations. There is the company or person that is the freeholder of the land then there is the company or person who has leased the land from the freeholder. And possibly the leaseholder will lease it on to another. Some judges will expect there to be a link from the freeholder to the leaseholder allowing the leaseholder to make such alterations to the land such as parking rights. other judges will assume that if the leaseholder has being added a parking contract a number of years before that there is no need for a link. Known as judges lottery. What you can do is put in this case Liverpool airport ltd to strict proof that the land owner has allowed the parking contract.
  5. Their contract is pretty good compared to others issued by VCS. However Liverpool Airport Ltd are not the main land owners. The Peel group are and the main owners are apparently a Pension fund in Canada. When responding to their WS when you do your WS you must include that there is no link from Liverpool Airport to the Peel group allowing them to operate on their behalf so rendering the contract not properly executed.
  6. When you come to do your WS don't forget to claim for £500 for breaching your GDPR. They had no reason to ask DVLA for your details. You had paid. You owed them nothing. It's not your fault that their system and their accounts department is rubbish. Pretty much like Gladstones solicitors which has an account where they place money but they have failed to identify people who have paid money owed to clients of Gladstones. The account holds over £100,000 that has been paid to th Gladstones and is just sitting there because Gladstones records are useless. It presumably doesn't stop them from pursuing some of those unidentified people who have paid. Nice work if you can get it. They are being investigated by their Regulators the SRA. Here is the case https://www.sra.org.uk/consumers/solicitor-check/559050/
  7. You can pay at these places and still fall foul of these parking companies if you breach their T&CS. Do you remember why their PCN said you owed them money? If you paid via WH Smith did you check that their payment from them went through?
  8. FTMDAVE there is no may have about it, I have definitely posted on the wrong thread. Good spot and my apologies to Bailey5 for the confusion.
  9. You can pay at these places and still fall foul of these parking companies if you breach their T&CS. Do you remember why their PCN said you owed them money? If you paid via WH Smith did you check that their payment from them went through?
  10. I've only had to deal with 6 over the years. Two have been cancelled and the others are spread out over four or five years. But I have kept all their paperwork so that I can pull them over their PCNs should they try and push matters. It is surprising how often the poor dears get their paperwork wrong which halts them in their tracks. They might have had a few flaws in your PCNs which would mean that you have nothing to worry about any impending court cases. Of course you should get them when you receive their Witness Statement plus you also get to see their contract with the landowner which can also sometimes work in your favour. As a matter of interest are they pursuing you for not paying, not paying the correct amount or some other alleged breach? Have you appealed this PCN and did you reveal you were the driver?
  11. Well if the "loophole" is that the parking company is not relying on PoFA so all your PCNs are being cancelled by the parking company you could appeal yourself and not pay the £10 per ticket. {When I say yourself, I mean the company ].
  12. I could take a photocopy of a PCN and I doubt most people would know the difference between it and the original. On the other hand getting them consecutively numbered could be more difficult. Though it may be that there is a small number of them that are reprinted all the time since nobody really looks at PCN numbers nor remembers one for a couple of weeks ago-especially as they are done and dusted pretty quickly. Whatever is going on there is a scam involved. The person who collects the £10 is involved [it is possible that other share in that payout. But your company also benefits. And your manager may presumably have known if they knew that the standard overnight parking was £25 yet invoices received are only for £10 and only because he is off ill has this been uncovered. Perhaps, as this is all conjecture on my part. If the company is involved how high up does it go and could you get embroiled in the fallout. That is something for you to resolve and it should not be discussed here for your own protection .
  13. One scenario could be that the PCNs are shams-ie not issued by the parking company monitoring the car park. Perhaps issued by an employee of the parking company who then gets £10 from your drivers. Can't explain why your drivers would get involved with it if they aren't paying for the £25 anyway. But the guy getting the £10 per ticket is doing ok out of it. I suspect that your company is not the only company doing it.
  14. Can you please post up your Privacy notice as I have a feeling that it wasn't produced on the WS for EL21.
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