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  1. - I said that to her -re the insurance cert & she wouldn't have it - The onus is on me to provide the documents" etc etc
  2. Thanks crem, much appreciated i dealt with a civilian desk clerk who was very bolshi last week - she wouldn't take any notice at all of the photocopied document!! I'll go this evening after work & show them what i have - any other suggestions would be very helpful
  3. Hi guys, Thanks for taking the time to read this post - Last wednesday evening i was stopped by Northamptonshire Police for speeding, i was given a fixed penalty notice with a producer at my local police station in manchester for my license & insurance. The van i was driving is a friends who is the MD of his own company, on sat eve after work i went to my local police station and surrendered my license & produced a copy of my friends insurance for the van. The insurance was declined by the police as it was a "photocopy", they also asked for a hand written letter of permission to drive the van on company letter headed paper from my friend, To try & cut a long story short today is the last day to produce the insurance certificate, it has not arrived in the post 2day even though it was posted out 1st thing Monday:(, i do have the hand written letter of permission to use the van in my hand. Can anyone advise please what i can do ?? Sods law the insurance certificate will arrive tomorrow - if it does can i still produce it at the police station??? Thanks for your help guys
  4. No copy of there complaints procedure at all - just a 4 1/2 month gap & then this appears !!!
  5. Amazing after 4 months without nothing - a letter arrives this morning !! - "We refer to correspondence received regarding the above account. Before we can provide you with the relevant paper work pertining to the above referenced account , we have to etablish the links between your current address, your previous addresses and the address on the original application form. Please find enclosed copy letters sent to you requesting the relevant informationneeded for us to issue you with a copy of the original agreement. Unfortunately you have failed to supply us with the details.We do not wish to breach the Data Protection Act for obvious reasons. Upon verification of your previous address details , we will gladly post you a copy of the original agreement to you. We hope this clarifies the situation for you . Should you wish to discuss the matter further, please do not hesitate to contact us on the above telephone no. In line with our official complaints procedure this letter constitutes the companys final response." Anybody's comments / thoughts what to do would be much appreciated Thanks
  6. Thanks Babybear Spoke yesterday to my Local trading standards who recommended what you advised - that i request there complaints procedure. Just a question ? when i ask for the complaints procedure do i also invoke it at the same time ?? ( sorry if that's a daft question from me ! ) Thank You
  7. Thanks Babybear:D I have just finished emailing consumer direct with my complaint - the ball is rolling.................. Should i write to Thames informing them or should i let them wait ?? thank you all again it really is appreciated
  8. Thanks guys for all of your replys & sorry if i seemed to be rushing you, i just get stressed out at the weekend after receiving there letter, can't believe the bare faced cheek of this lot NO CCA from them & yet still they hassle me for money. Am i right in believing that when i contact Trading Standards to report this pond life that it is MY TS that i write to ? ( Ps thank you Overdone foryour link to your thread ) there really are some special people on here, thank you all:)
  9. thank you for your reply, should i send the same letter to the OFT & to Trading Standards- & has anybody got any ideas what to write to them ? Sorry for asking Questions i'm just really worried that Thames / Aktiva are stressing me out, also when i have sent letters to the OFT & Trading standards should i also write to Thames informing them of my actions ??
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