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  1. I'm thinking that you're going above and beyond the call of duty to help me, and for that I'm EXTREMELY grateful! Before I contact the TEC, I guess you'd have to PM me some info to give them - unless they'll accept "I give Pocket Nines permission to discuss my case on my behalf"! lol
  2. Yep, that one! I haven't received anything from the TEC since then, but it may be lost in the same black hole that other items of my mail disappear into from time to time. I didn't even receive the rejection of my Statement from them - it was copied to me by Hull City Council.
  3. The last thing l received from TEC was the Order issued incorrectly canceling the additional charges, etc. Everything else has come from Hull City Council with the exception of the Court Order from the County Court.
  4. I ticked that I had made representations about the penalty within 28 days but did not receive a rejection notice. The initial NtO was dated 13 May and my first (unreceived!) letter was dated 15 May. Does this make a difference? The wording in your post above doesn't exactly match the options on the TE9 from provided by the TEC. I can upload a copy of the one I submitted, if necessary. Thank you so much for this. Lynette
  5. lol Thanks f16! I forgot to mention it at the time, but Hull City Council hand delivered a copy of my NtO to my house to ensure that I had received a copy! I was actually quite impressed that they did this, considering the history l have with missing mail (and it's not just the bad stuff that goes AWOL, in case anyone was wondering!
  6. Porkyp1g, I was considering appealing due to: Hull City Council claiming they hadn't received not one, not two, but THREE letters I sent them; They rejected my Out Of Time Statement despite the fact that I wasn't contesting the actual PCN, just the additional charge as I believed it had been paid; The inaccuracies in their reasons for rejecting the Statement, the documenting of my telephone calls to them and also in the Statement of "Truth" they sent to Hull County Court, where they referred to me not only by my mother-in-law's name but also by the name of a compl
  7. I'm now considering contesting the entire PCN as I was going to use the cheque for my costs to pay the ticket, but it still hasn't arrived! It seems that Hull City Council want to drag this out as much as they can. If I were to contest the ticket due to the length of time this has been ongoing, is there a specific paragraph of the law I should quote?
  8. Hi again. Thanks so far for all of your help, Jamberson and TomTubby. I think I'm finally coming to the 'end of the road' with this, if you'll excuse the pun! I received the NtO yesterday which has set the cost of the ticket back to £70, not the initial £35. My cheque for costs is to follow. I did receive an apology for there being no representative at Court - apparently there was a major computer system malfunction at Hull City Council that day! l know you say I can contest the ticket as it's almost a year old (9 April), but I really just want this over with. I accept that l parked
  9. Hi! I hadn't forgotten about you, I've just been waiting for Hull County Court to send me my Order. I called them today and they advised that it had only been typed up this afternoon so I requested that they email it to me here at work, otherwise I'd still be waiting for a copy via the Royal Mail ten days after the hearing. In case I haven't uploaded the attachment correctly, the Order reads: 1. Permission is granted to the Defendant LynetteC to file a statutory declaration/witness statement out of time, such document to be filed within 14 days. 2. The Claimant Kingston upon Hull
  10. Thanks for following up for me, Jamberson. The Judge was consulting a book throughout the 'hearing'. He read out what he had written on the Order and he definitely gave me 14 days to file a Statement. He was going to say 7 days, but I asked if I would be able to file by email as l am on holiday in Edinburgh now (l drove up yesterday) and he said I'd need to print it out and send it to the Council and the Court. l asked if I should also send it to the TEC but he didn't know and made a comment about me being an expert by the end of the proceedings! l'll be home on Sunday night and will scan
  11. I've just come out of Court where my case was listed in front of a Deputy District Judge! Hull City Council never showed up. The Judge said that today's hearing was only to consider whether or not I should be permitted to rely on an Out Of Time Statement, not the PCN itself. He has granted permission and given me 14 days to file as I'm going to be away for a week as it's half term. He also Ordered Hull City Council to pay the cost of the hearing - £80. He said it should make it "interesting"! So I assume now that I have to consolidate my original TE7/9 application with my N244 s
  12. Thanks again Jamberson. The way you've described it doesn't sound as scary as "going to Court"! It's ridiculous that it's come this far - I'm not contesting the ticket, just the additional charges, although they *did* send some lovely, high quality printed photos of my car in the disabled bay to prove it was there! Nice to know where my Council Tax goes! )
  13. Thank you Andy. Fingers crossed somebody can offer me some advice before Monday. As a bit of an update to this saga, tonight I contacted the lady I order clothes from online to see if she had received any paperwork from the Royal Mail in respect of my missing parcel from November/December. Apparently, they sent me a letter to sign to say that I hadn't received the item - two weeks ago! I've asked her to write a letter to this effect that I can take to Court on Monday to present as further evidence of post not reaching my address.
  14. If nobody in the Bailiff's forum can help, would it be possible for my thread to be moved back to the Local Authority Parking and Traffic Offences forum where somebody may be able to advise me? Thanks. Lynette
  15. Sorry to bump this post again, but l could really use some advice:- Do I need to respond to the Council's statement in writing or will l get a chance to raise the above issues at the hearing? What normally happens at these hearings? l am awaiting some paperwork from a lady l order clothes from online as a parcel went missing before Christmas, which l hope to use as evidence that my post does go astray from time to time. Will l get the chance to present it at the hearing, or should l submit it in advance? Thanks. Lynette
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