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  1. Good Afternoon All, Just to say I received notification today from Lowell stating that they cannot supply the information requested, so have decided not to pursue the accounts. Thank you all for your help, Particular thanks to dx100UK for giving me the confidence to take action. with much gratitude Moving on
  2. Received a letter from Lowell dated (10/11/20) stating they are requesting documentation from JD Williams. They say they aim to provide within 12 working days. Lowell have asked I send them various ID details via email so they can respond with attached documentation from J D Williams as they 'cannot send anything via Royal Mail until government restrictions are lifted.' If I do not want information sent via email they will send as soon after restrictions are lifted. (but they managed to write to me today!?) Meanwhile they have put account on hold and if they do not hear anything from J D Williams after 40 days they will send an update.
  3. Yes have written 2 requests. Accounts opened Feb 2009 and Oct. 2009 Balances as of today £1082 and £975 Default date was 2014 ( both fallen off last month )
  4. Many thanks for your early reply. I have not requested a CCA as I read somewhere that laws changed in 2009 and even if a reconstituted CCA agreement is produced a CCJ could still be obtained.? Historically I have dealt with other alleged debts and DCA 's and those unable to produce a CCA I promptly stopped paying. I am loath to continue to pay this DCA . I was caring for my son who had a brain tumour and this particular DCA I just did not have the strength to deal with during those tragic times. If I can be assured they will not be able to obtain a CCJ if I stop paying, then I will begin the CCA process. Kindest MO
  5. Good Afternoon, I am just seeking some advice as to payment to a DCA after the default has dropped from my credit file after 6 years. Account is for a catalogue and opened in 2009, defaulted in 2014. I have been paying the DCA a nominal monthly amount. Do I continue to pay? can the DCA get a CCJ after a default has run its course if I stop paying?. Many thanks in Advance MO
  6. Many Thanks for your early reply. Much appreciated. Yes I have been paying £10 per month for the last 4/5 years. Outstanding balance is now £2100. At the time I was not working and caring for my beloved son who has since passed from a brain tumour. I still hardly know how I get through the days... I am now self employed and receiving £37 a week in Working tax credit and last years self assessment profit was just over £7000 or thereabouts. no other benefit as my daughter pays the rent due to her income and living at home. I do recall receiving an annual statement. No other correspondence until today. There is no default from Vanquis. Could they default after all this time with the agreed payment plan in place? It does not take much for me not to cope and I did not expect this from Vanquis after all this time. Grateful thanks in advance
  7. Good Afternoon, Today I have received a notice of Assignment from Vanquis informing me that the outstanding debt was transferred to Arrow Global Limited on 9th July 2019. I have paid monthly contributions to the outstanding balance for the past 4 years plus. Can I confirm that Arrow cannot default me without Vanquis advising? Also that Arrow cannot add any charges or interest? Could they after accepting payments for so many years? Can I just carry on paying Vanquis by S/O or do I have to pay NCO Europe Ltd? Many thanks in Advance
  8. Good Afternoon All, Just wonder if I have this all wrong ?! I appealled a TFL PCN, Appeal was rejected and the rejection letter stated I had 21 days to pay at reduced rate of £65 from the date of the letter of rejection which was 11th June 2018. ...' if you pay the penalty charge within 21 days from the date of this letter you may pay the discounted amount as full and final settlement...' I calculated from the 11th 21 days I could pay by the 2nd July at the very latest? I went to pay the fine today and it has increased to £130 ! Have I miscalculated the dates/wording? surely the 1st falls within 21 days from the 11th July? As it is a Sunday and no one is available at TFL to talk to I thought I should pay it and hope they can refund as if I didnt pay then tomorrow am sure they would say I missed the 21 days...am now more than broke.. Am I right to think I had until 2nd to pay or have I misinterpreted the letter? Many thanks
  9. I am appalled that these people are still able to rip off so many others . What can the law do to protect against these fraudsters? https://www.lancasterguardian.co.uk/news/lancaster-hotel-staff-face-eviction-after-wages-go-unpaid-1-8301661 https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.ihotelmanagement.co.uk
  10. Good Evening, Am so confused and stressed. I am registered self employed and was in receipt of WTC until Nov 2015 when I became a full time carer for my son who sadly died in February this year after a very courageous brave battle against a brain tumour. With the support of my clients I have decided to return to the jobs. I have not had any issues claiming WTC before now but upon applying this April I have had a phone call discussing if my self employment is 'commercially viable' and being advised that 30 hours worked would be assumed at the national minimum wage. Is the 30 hour working week for WTC still classed as billed work and business allowed activity? Initially I estimate I will earn approx £75 per week after expenses . I am uncertain whether I should go ahead with the WTC claim based on those earnings? (assuming tax credits will work that out at £2.50 ph and then suggest business is not viable and de-register me ). Can self employment be classed as not commercially viable if no tax credits are claimed? Or is this a penalty for claiming tax credits! Am thinking a claim for universal credit will not be worth the while and I need to be available for my self employment and would not be available for work . and from my vague readings once again there is an assumed self employment income basic of 30 hours x national minimum wage before any award. Could I just claim housing benefit as on a low income ? If I have to live on the breadline so be it, but I cannot stand the thought of losing my home Am trying so hard to be independent . With all the past years trauma and sadness and now feel I am stuffed as far as benefits/self employment. Sorry for rambling but any help/advice would be so much appreciated.
  11. Many thanks everyone. My friend has one other card think 2004 Barclaycard who also have not produced CCA to date. She now feels they will go straight to court . I am at a loss to help much more , it is very hard 3rd hand to help sometimes, but I do appreciate all help however deflated I sound. Perhaps if Barclaycard do go straight to court do not pass go or collect £200 she may be better prepared , or at least get legal representation which is what I did suggest months back . I am not sure of the payment process now as I know she cannot pay £4 let alone £4000, I assume if she cannot agree repayment with First Credit the case heard will automatically be regarded as a CCJ? I have advised filling in income and expenditure asap . Can she still claim PPI and charges, via M & S or First Credit?.. ..She thinks that will cover nearly all the outstanding amount. Kindest moving on
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