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  1. That's more or less what the company are saying. I did contact them quite a lot at the beginning however I lost patience as I was being passed from one department to the next. The company, whilst willing to pay for a replacement passport seem to be questioning my honesty re the trip ( but I've got all the paperwork to prove - travel docs, receipts, the itinery etc) as they are saying that I should have been making more of an effort to remedy the situation especially given the possibility of missing out on an expensive trip. This can't be right, surely. My 'lax' attitude was a direct result of initial frustration of the way in which they were handling the situation!!!
  2. I sent my passport to a company for proof of identification - this was 4 months ago and they lost it. I avised them at the time that I was going to study abroad for a period of 1 month in July and I would need the issue sorted out by then. The issue has still not been sorted, even though the company has admitted liability. I have missed out on my trip and I was unable to get any monies reimbursed through the travel company. Can I claim the company for this trip as the total cost, which I have already paid, was nearly £6,000? I'd appreciate any thought / advice.
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