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  1. Hi just an update I received my Default Notice I have posted it below. I have also checked my credit file with Experian and a default was put on there on the 30/07/2010 10 days befor the default notice was sent out. MBNA told me the debt was sold to DCRI but I haven't heard from them yet. Also whats the further action they will take if I don't pay by the 26th they have already told me they sold the debt and I have been defaulted? [/img]
  2. Hi I haven't received a Default Notice (I thought the first letter was it) or a Termination Notice, Notice of Assignment I have never seen any but I assume I would know if I had received any. It seems very fishy to me I don't have the arrangement in writing for the £40 a month but when I called them last on the 3rd of august he said he can see the arrangement was made but "has likely failed a review afterwards" I said could I make a new arrangement he said "he couldn't now as the account has been defaulted and the debt passed to a third party" and I should wait and the collection agency
  3. Hi I had a credit card with MBNA and my hours of work where cut about 10 months ago so I told MBNA im struggling and they froze the interest. but the last 2 months I missed payments then 3rd july recieved this [/img] I called them on the 5th july and they said I could pay a direct debit of £40 a month starting this month and the first £40 was taken out 19th july then I recieved this on the sat 1st august [/img] so I called them Tuesday 3rd of August and they said the debt has been sold to a 3rd partie and a default issued on my account and I have to wait to here from the
  4. Hi Same thing happened to me I agreed with MBNA to pay £40 a month as I missed 2 payments when I called to pay a little more they said the debt has been passed to an agency and a default on my file. Have you had any help?
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