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  1. Thanks for that - the company has asked me to send it back (I'm negotiating with them re payment for P&P based on demon x slash's advice, and they are offering to refund postage on my original order. Awaiting their reply.
  2. I thought so too Ecossewarrior , but didn't know where I stood legally. Just a small point it's not Amazon itself, but an independent company who sells through amazon
  3. I ordered an electrical item from amazon marketplace (about £35) and the company has sent me two in error in separate packages. Both were delivered by recorded delivery, however as I ordered a few items from a few companies on the same day I didn't realise it was a duplicate item. I have definately only been charged for one. What are my responsibilities as a consumer in terms of accepting and or notifying the company of the error. Can I just accept it as a "gift" or do I have to notify them? The right thing would obviously to declare it, but I don't feel I should spend the time needed to pac
  4. Thanks for that buzby. Do you know where it says that in either Carphone Warehouse or "law". I believe you, just interested 'cos I've not heard that before. Ta
  5. Can anyone help please? I bought a phone at Christmas, and it developed a fault with sound during video playback. mp3 files play OK tho. Took it into local store, they sent it off to Samsung who replaced the speaker. However it still had the fault on return so was offered a replacement handset. They said it would be a refurbished one. I asked for new but they refused saying mine wasn't new. They said could have a new one on insurance, but I thought this was fraudulent as it was still under warranty. They offered to send it back to Samsung, but I refused saying I didn't have faith in the r
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