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  1. Thanks for the reply. I have not paid it but still worried that I am only going to get charges added and loads of annoying letters to deal with. I have so much going on at the moment so could do without this. Is it worth fighting this even though I wasn't even parked at the time the ticket says I was first seen! Not that I have anything to prove this other than my word.
  2. Oh and just to add something on the civil penalty notice it states that the reason for it was because I was 'out of time'. Surely it should have been 'No Valid Ticket'!!! Must have been done in a hurry!
  3. I received a civil penalty notice whilst parked in Sainsbury's car park in Child and Parent Space (whilst with my two young children). It is pay and display but having never had to pay to park in a Sainsbury's car park before, I didn't notice the signs. Apparently you get a ticket and when you spend £10 or more you get a refund. £1 for an hour and £1.50 for two I think. Anyway, it says that the time the car was first seen was 16.20 but I know without a shadow of a doubt that I was still at home at this time (I had to drop my husband at work for a particular time). The ticket was issue
  4. Thanks Hippy-chick, Shall be sorting out that letter on Monday. I think I may have slightly hijacked the thread so sorry.... J x
  5. Also it may be worth writing to your local councillor or MP. IF you are offering a payment, it should not be rejected. Maybe if you get someone on side then the council may listen. In a similar situation I copied all my letters to local councillor, local MP and Secretary of State for children and Families (I think it is Ed Balls!). After which they accepted my offer. I included my first payment with this payment offer and said something along the lines of : 'Please find included my first payment of £xxx which I hope you choose to accept, if you are unwilling to accept this payment t
  6. Last week I sent a CCA to MH - today the agreements have come back, but from the Students Loan Company. I really didn't think that they would be able to find them..... I too am going to SAR them, as I think they charge about £20 per letter so would be good to get that figure down. There is a letter in the letter sections and you need to send £10 I think too. Oh my husband had to put off his PGCE for the same reasons as you - even though he had deferred and never actually earned over the amount anyway. He wasn't even asking for a loan, just the basic subsidy which he is entitled
  7. If no one has visited yet, then make sure that you do not let them in. They are unable to remove goods if they haven't first gained accesss and levied on goods. You do not have to let them in whatever they may say to the contrary. Is it for this years council tax?
  8. Thanks Boro, Will design a lovely squiggle especially!
  9. Thanks for your replies. I will be sending a CCA tomorrow to Scotcall. I am only concerned at the how easily the Scotcall went away.......? Is there more to come...?
  10. I have been receiving letters from Scotcall on behalf of Egg. The most recent said that they would be sending a door step collector. I thought that this was just a scare tactic. So I was rather surprised when I opened my door to a chap from Scotcall. I confirmed that I was who I was but said I knew nothing of the alleged debt. He seemed happy with that and said that he would mark it as a dispute. What will happen next though? Am I right in thinking I should send Scotcall a CCA. Has anyone a similar experience with this lot?
  11. I have unfortunately had the experience of a bailiff levying goods. I was in a very similar situation as yourself, with a 7 week old baby and a toddler, living in expensiverented accommodation. It was an unexpected visit first thing in the morning and I was dressed in my pyjamas. I asked the bailiff to come back later but she said that by law I had to let her in. I did not know my rights at the time and hadn't found CAG!!! Yes it is awful but she did not enter my children's bedroom - I think that they are not allowed to levy on children's things. She was more interested in stereo a
  12. If you are offering to pay what you can afford, then you will not be imprisoned. Bailiffs use fear to try and get a walking possessions. Do not let them in and do not let them bully you. I am sure someone will be along very soon with some detailed advice. Good luck and don't worry...
  13. If you post this as a new thread you will get the help you need. It sounds unusual to me if they have agreed the payment plan already. I know that I would not be happy to go ahead with this.....
  14. I think you may should maybe post this as a new thread to get the help you need. Meantime, stay calm, do not allow them access and phone council telling them of diagnosed depression and offering a payment plan. Also let them know that you are awaiting a decision in regard to income support. Is the walking possessions still valid from previously?
  15. I am sure Tomtubby will be along to help you soon, but for now be sure not to let the bailiff into your home if you haven't already done this. The extra £200 sounds very wrong..... Good luck speaking to the council, they may accept a reasonable offer directly if you are prepared to pay the first instalment immediately. Inform the council that you are wary of the bailiff company in light of the extra charges which are inaccurate and that you are not prepared to deal with them. Good luck..
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