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  1. What had she experienced.. All very sad. Companies involved Datatrace UK, Wescot Credit and Thames Credit (part of the Capitol Group, including Aktiv Kapitol) http://www.thisisderbyshire.co.uk/displayNode.jsp?nodeId=124378&command=displayContent&sourceNode=231734&home=yes&more_nodeId1=124522&contentPK=18529267
  2. I have to keep this short as I have only 45 minutes to gather as much information of similar activity, the story is going to edit this morning! If you have experienced the same as Beryl Brazier regarding a debt you did not owe could you please PM me. Thank You Fuzzy:)
  3. TAlk TALK are a nightmare!!! Ive spent 2 months trying to gain a letter advising i owe no money and my account is zero. They ignore letters and only reply to threats. I had to threaten them with Trading Standards to get mine corrected. They work like Telewest/Virgin. they bill you in advance and then re credit, my argument has always been they can not bill you for a service you never received. As long as you have paid for the service received to your premises then thats fine. Have you got on line billing, can you still access it, if so it means they are not canceling your account have you got proof of a letter sent to request cancellation and what date cancellation would kick in , its usually 30 days. After that time if the service continues you do not have to pay for it, its their loss. Why these companies haven't been kicked by the OFT by now is beyond me, there ways of doing business is so wrong. Hope this helps, don't worry as not much they can do as long as you have your side of everything documented and you are sure you owe no more than the usage and service's as paid for in full last month.
  4. B&Q need a 10 items or less till. For 1 bag of screws and i had to wait for 40 boxes of pansies ,6 fence panels and 4 bags of compost with 1 customer and yeap, they have to scan every one of them:rolleyes:
  5. Hiya razor sorry to here your problems with Welcome Finance. Ive been reading through different sites the last few days, and Welcome seem to be the company that all members hold the greatest evidence for illegal practice. Shame all cases couldn't get heard together for a mass complaint. Best i can offer on the thread is, Never ever think Welcome will be doing anything to improve your circumstances , as they do not and never will. They rewrite purely not to let you fall off their monthly income sheet. Stick to your guns and don't let them wobble you one bit, they are bullies and nothing more. Fuzzy:)
  6. Can only imagine what its like in your shoes right now, id be shaking in me booties:o Good Luck:)
  7. FOS strike again, they want to know mums financial position now and are over looking her financial position then. Mum has just been allocated benefits and yes she will be better off, a bit.. Wants I&E from mum for her status now, not then i said i will send both. Advised any new benefits are untouchable, FOS replied Ive never heard that before? oh well see where we go from here. Was very interested as to why loan still active and not frozen in Dispute, and also the charge for the loan late payment. Not to interested in how the overdrafts were left to rise in the first place. just have to see what happens, i understand both sides have to be treated fairly, but not taking her status iat the time of the loan or inability to read the T&C is something I'm feeling very unfair. Fingers crossed they come back with a fair result, my last interaction with FOS was an absolute nightmare and far from fair. Fuzzy
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