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  1. Hi. Thank you Pat.. OK. My problem is that 'cabot'foned me at home last night. I moved house a few months ago I informed them in writting that i didnt have a permanent address but would be maintaing my payments to them, which I have done. They on the fone last night informed me that they had consulted 'experion' for linked addresses and found my current address, they also have somehow obtained my 'x' directory phone number!! This is a gross infringement of my privacy. Firstly, the debt they are refering to is no longer on my credit file, as it was defaulted over 6 six years ago. so why have
  2. hi un1boy. no news for ages, whats current state of play? u ok mate? read whole thread and am in need of an update if poss. truly admire your tenacity. outstanding! if anyone else following this thread knows whats going on at present then do try let me know. thank u.
  3. xcellent, real clear and even i can understand it, trouble with these matters is they seem daunting and are very draining and you end up just going along with things for a quiet life and then one day these people write to you again and your head is consumed with it all, what im learning from yourself and this site is just to focus on one thing at a time, keep it simple as possible and only venture into grey areas when absolutly necessary. thanks again for your experience and time. if you dont mind will let you know wot happens following the CCA.
  4. brilliant this makes me feel a lot more confident about going for it with paragon. have you a link for a template for the best CCA request? thanks again for your help. also..in theory if they cant proove you owe them the money but you can proove you have paid them £7500, can you demand your money back? or are you pushing your luckwith that...and doesnt the fact that you have been paying someone with a credit licence imply that you must have borrowed some money ?
  5. thats outstanding ..if i use a equifax credit searcher life may not be so harsh...WOW is this up to date info? cant thank u enuf for this one:)
  6. yes about £400 in what they call sundry debts, they charge me £10 everytime they write to me despite being informed that i will only cpmmunicate in writing. there is also about £1700 added from what ithink original total amount payable was..but as you say i will cca THEM AND GET TERMS AND CONDITIONS too. i too doubt they have got it but they are very determined at paragon personal finance..
  7. just thought of another question..sorry...re CRA's..If my credit report on Equifax looks ok, but on the other two CRA's shows defaults, is there any way that i could find out which lenders use equifax, as i am hoping to apply for a mortgage in the near future, and obviously want best market rates not bad arse defaulters rates ? thank u.
  8. thanks very much rory, that clears things up for me. one thing ive just thought of which i do find scary, i have been paying a loan off for many years on reduced payments, the initial capital of £4ooo was paid back many years ago, while on reduced payments interest has not been charged, although in effect all i am paying back is interest, my point is, if they have not been applying the intesrest for such a long time can they suddenly reinstate it? they always state on their letters that they can. thank u
  9. hi. i am considering going into battle with a few companies regarding long standing debts, my first opponent looks like its going to be Paragon personal Finance, re a loan taken out in 1994, not through them initially but through Universal credit. I would appreciate it greatly if anyone on here could assist my knowlege before battle starts in earnest. I have 5 questions, here goes. Q1. At what point does a queery about a debt formally become a dispute? Q2. What is not allowed while a debt is in dispute? Q3. Who ultimatly do you complain to if the creditor is ignoring the protocol w
  10. i dont know the original interest rate as until i get cca from them its a mystery, however i do know that they are no longer charging interest nor have done for a number of years. on the occassions that they do write to me that they put on the bottom of the letter they reserve the right to reinstate interest in whole or in part, which may have been postponed in the past. i am very scared that they will do this and then this debt for £4000 will go on till my grave! at the end of the day if they cant provide loan agreement i dont have anything to worry about and simply stop paying, or is it n
  11. thank you for that. i was also wondering if they do supply cca and the interest charges are huge do i have a chance of simply writing to the loan company and telling them that i consider that having paid more than £3500 in interest as well as paying back the original sum of £4000, that i believe i have paid more than enough back and a further £3000 to pay is totally unacceptable to me and therefore refuse any further payments until a court decides what a fair amount is. or am i being naive?:-?
  12. hi dave. great stuff this whole thread. just would like your thoughts on an issue. its dead straightforward. if a loan company cannot supply copy of original agreement t&c included, then is the debt unenforceable? i took out a loan in 1994 for £4000, company was taken over by paragon personal finance i have so far paid back approx £7500. i have been on reduced payments for many years. if they cant supply a valid loan agreement form doesnt the fact that i have been paying prove something? im just so fed up of paying them, they still say i owe them nearly £3000, this will go on for ever a
  13. hi. thanks for that:)... i think i will write to Barclaycard requesting the copies of the original CCA agreement, these cards were originally issued in 1993 for the barclaycard visa, and 1995 for the Barclaycard master card. the defaults, according to my credit file were issued on 30/04/03. im just a little confused in respect of the fact that both these debts are in the hands of DCA's, i am paying small amounts monthly to these agencies, but if Barclaycard cant produce the copy of the CCA, is that it? i no longer have to pay these agencies? As for the paragon personal finance loan, which w
  14. hello. im new on here. have loads of questions and will try and be clear. in a few months i hope to apply for my first mortgage but am hardly a spring chicken. today i received my credit reports from the three CRA's. not looking good. i have three defaults on credit cards, these all date back to default notices being issued over 4 years ago..if i wait 22months my credit file will be clear but am looking to apply for mortgage in November this year/ 2007. we all get into difficulties and none of us intend to not repay credit card debts but ,circumstances sometimes beat us. i am thinking of writ
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