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  1. ok, thanks for the info. Dad just gonna get rid of TV I think. get the customers in with the fine cuisine instead lol.
  2. ahh no way, but does it matter that the tv isn't like advertised as entertainment for the takeaway and that the number of people is quite low? can't believe that you have to pay for music that may or may not be played during a TV show. Thought that it would surely be covered by the BBC as the broadcasters of the tv shows. Well I think my dad said he would jst take TV down if a licence would be needed, still irritating though.
  3. not entirely sure. talked to the 0870 154 1541 mostly I think but had to also call the tech guys. Every time though they stated that they had changed their records and not to worry about it. Seeing as after say 3 calls and your new address is still not down as the delivery address you get worried and clarify details quite vigorousaly during each call. Still not received either disclaimer that were sent out so not sure what to do now. contacted old address which were student halls and they said that all mail sent to ex residents were mailed back to sender. I assume currys have their vouchers back now.
  4. Hello everyone. Not quite sure where to put this or if even people will know anything about it but thought I would try. Basicaly my dad runs a chinese take away and some times though not regularly he puts the tv in the shop on for customers to watch. Basic TV, non digital channels. Now the other day my dad got a phone call from someone at the performing rights society about attaining a licence of £120 to continue having the TV on in the shop. The shop is small and there is one large semi circular seat for around 6 people plus place for people to stand up though rarely more than 10 ppl at a time in the shop are waiting. Most of the time the TV is not on as its quite troublesome to get it started at it is on a high bracket with no remote control. They have now sent a letter about the matter saying and I quote "PRS do from time to time visit premises in order to assess what, if any, licencing requirements there may be. You may be liable for infringement of our copyright if without our licence you continue to perform or resume performing our musical repertoire on your premises". It seems to me that this would be linked to live performers maybe. They have a website (Performing Right Society Home) though I have looked through and am still unsure what applies to my dad. On a side note my dad is chinese and does not speak english well but he was definitely given the impression him having a TV in the shop was a violation. My Uncle has also had contact from these people. If anyone knows more about this it would be very much appreciated.
  5. I had a daewoo 21 inch flat screen. Purchased 3 years ago with a full 5 year warranty. After a lot of mistakes on their part, mostly with bad communication by in store employees and call centre staff TV was sent away eventually. I was suppose to receive £150 worth of vouchers but they sent them to the wrong address so I now need to fill out a disclaimer. The annoying thing is I have spent around £40 on phone calls during the situation. As I have changed addresses between now and purchasing teh TV plus warranty the address on the warranty is wrong. Each time i called in ( even the very first time) I had to state my old address but then proceeded to state my new one so that they could have my new address on record for incase of any confusion. Now seeing as I called around 6 or 7 times by this point (each time stating my current address and specificly pointing out that the address they have is my old one) I was surprised when the currys branch where i bought the TV called me up to clarify the address where the vouchers are to be sent. Unbelievably they STILL sent it to the wrong address so i now need to wait for and fill out a disclaimer. Now the disclaimer i require to fill out due to their mistake has not been delievered (been waiting 10 days) and so I had to call again to get a new one sent out. I have not had a TV for almost a month now, spent a lot of money on calls and caused quite a lot of stress. My TV is available on their website but not in my store and though it is available for £150 surely i deserve some compensation? I don't even trust currys for anything anymore let alone buying a new TV from them online (aka having something delievered to an actual address by them) and would much prefer the money so I could purchase my TV elsewhere. Anyone got any advice on maybe getting the money or getting more value on the vouchers? or should i just count myself lucky to be even getting my vouchers (.... once this magical disappearing disclaimer comes in that is )
  6. Just thought would follow instructions and say hello to the people of this forum. not used to doing this forum stuff that much but will struggle on.
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