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  1. This is yet another example of the kind of disgraceful timeshare scams that make me think the entire system should be shut down in spite of the number of reputable timeshare companies out there. The EU is trying to change the laws to fix a few of the problems you mentioned (maintenance fees, etc) but in my opinion its too little, too late, since these creeps will just find another loophole (I posted this in a different thread so I won't dwell on it). My cousin Lindy had almost the EXACT SAME experience across the pond in the US, and got so frustrated she hired Timeshare Relief to simply dispose of her timeshare (I'm not sure if they operate over here but you could try if you're at wits end: http://www.timesharerelief.com). It's a shame the laws can't always protect innocent people. Anyway I hope things are working out better for you and your mother now, and good luck.
  2. I read recently that the EU is altering the timeshare safeguards: EUROPA - Consumer Affairs - Timeshare Do people have opinions regarding this? It seems to me that the EU means well, but the holiday clubs will just continue to purloin unsuspecting travelers' money...
  3. Hullo, I just registered. Hopefully I'll enjoy posting as much as I enjoy reading these informative forums! Thanks, -knnoblesson
  4. I know it's a legal requirement for a lot of real estate companies, but I don't think the same is true for car dealerships. Sorry...
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