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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Perfect, first letter going out today. Cheers
  3. My court bundle dealine was on the 12th this month. Obiously i got mine in to both parties via recorded delivery but i never recieved anything from cobbetts? I rang the court today and they also have had nothing. Cobbetts/Natwest were supposed to put in all documents they intend to rely on plus a skeleton argument to their defence. What should i do now? The court suggested maybe writing to my judge asking to have any future documents dissalowed. If i should do this what kind of wording should i use, i cant find anything on here to help me with this. Or should i pester cobbetts myself? Any advice would be great! I thik this would also explain why i have had no offers either, they must have forgotten about my claim sone how?
  4. Any extra bits that people have been adding to their court bundles?
  5. Ok, so im going to stick with what i have so far. Anyone sees anything embarrising in any of my stuff please let me know ASAP. Cheers Gizmo, Browne and monkey for your advice.
  6. Not sure what the rules are with adding info, someone here will know tho. I suppose there may be a charge, you can change your Particulars of claim for a fee i think so surely you can add info?
  7. sorry gizmo, me being thick, also the referal charges dont include interest do they? I know paid referal and unpaid referal are ok, but i have some referal charges for £50 £75? Im guessing anything that includes interest would be an odd number with pence on it?
  8. Cheers guys! So looks like my interest is ok, as to the court date. District Judge Gatter has considered and filed to small claims track, the improtant looking bit says "" Each party shall deliver to every other party and to the court office copies of all documents (including experts reports) on which he intends to rely at the hearing no later than 12th march. The defendant must file and serve a skeleton argument with their documents"" Gizmo, what do you mean by does the interest match my statements? My breakdown is how i sent it to natwest, with the second letter and the interest is just what the spreadsheet i used came up with? The defence seems just like the others on the forum, 9 points. Point 6, 6.1 and 6.2 mention the POC. But i did resend my breakdown to them along with the rejection to the CPR18 request. The dealine for the AQs has passed, i sent mine off and recieved one from cobbetts, if i now have a date it must mean they got my AQ, i hope :? I attached the draft order to my AQ along with the answers stated in the AQ guide. I did not include desciptions with the fees on my breakdown , would this be a major problem either? So many mistakes!!!
  9. Another worry i have is to do with the SAR, i kept all my statements and so didnt need to ask for them, some threads seem to imply that you need to have done the SAR so does this also affect my claim? Just getting all the questions here now while i remember them, patiently waiting for a response as and when.
  10. I hope so! I know everyone gets a little worked up when their date is in, and im no exception, if i knew my POC was ok, and my interest is either correct or it doesnt really matter too much then i would be a lot more chilled. Their must be someone who cant sleep and has nothing better to do, or is it just me? . . oh, and you:) Neil
  11. Thanks monkey, its just nice to see someone is listening! Would that mean i loose the £220 i have already payed in fees? It would be a lot simpler if i could do everything again following the faq etc.
  12. Ok, last resort now. Can anyone advise me on my claim? I cannot go on with this if im not too sure of my self, and after recieveing deadly silence from most of my posts im stuck. I have had no offers from cobbetts, I have tried to do everything as stated in the faqs but because i had already begun my claim from reading martin lewis guide some parts are not ideal. I dont know if the spreadsheet i have used is the correct one, i also dont know if my POC is totally waterproof? I could write a nice post pleading at how useless i am, or scared and put lots of smileys in it but id be clutching at straws. I dont know what i have done wrong, i have read so much on this forum and my questions are not answerable by reading the faqs or doing a search. I was in the process of starting a claim with capital one aswell but i cant do it without the advice and help of this forum. If im lucky i will get a cheque, if not i will be laughed out of court due to some small cock ups in my POC or interest calculations that i dont understand. I fanyone would like to help then please do, i need my bundle in by the 12th of next month but without knowing if my stuff is ok so far i dont know if i should carry on?
  13. The court bundle is all hte stuff you should send to the court letting them know what information you will be relying on in court. Its copies of all your corresponence so far, plus lots of stuff about recent cases, and the relevant laws etc you are claiming htey have broken. Its all in the link provided by cooxie, in the basic court bundle bit. If your date is very soon you may have missed the last date that you can send in this info, but all the cases seem to get settled anyway, and the court bundle probably just shows natwest/cobbetts that you mean business?
  14. I think it means Natwest have asked for a stay on the case, to give them more time. Hopefully meaning they have a cheque on its way to you but im sure someone will be along to help soon.
  15. The problem i have is i did most of my workings out etc from hearing about the unfair charges thru the money saving expert site. I found CAG half way thru and am a little worried about the solidity of my claim after reading much more info etc and better guidance. Any advice/help would be great?
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