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  1. Just a word of advise worth trying it worked with me claiming back for my mother back for loans back 20 years barclays customer relations helped me with all the loan agreements and ppi policies they gave them me over the phone and did the complaint over the phone I won 3 ppi back within 14 days money 12000 paid into my mums bank account i then backed it up with the letter of complaint and fos questionaires they can find them and they were actually brilliant Ive 7 more ppis to come back any day so theres def hope please try it Tina and good luck
  2. I have just won 3 loans with ppi back for my mum of just 12 000 pounds from start to finish it took me 14 days, one loan of 10 000 payed out 8000 pounds ppi refund, barclays did all the leg work and were very helpful although they did sell ppi to a disabled woman who would not of been covered. I have 7 more to GO OUT WITH BARCLAYS possibly worth around 60,000 over 20 years and near to completion, I found it quite easy and barclays did give me all the loan agreements over the phone, just awaiting the rest of the money into my mums bank accounts, but without this site I would noot of been empowered to do so thank you all so much, as my mother had been taken advantage of all them years ago And a thankyou to barclays for making it so easy, but they would not of looked good in court with what I put on the fos quetionaire Tina
  3. My igroup loan taken in 2003 they forced the ppi of 1200 on a secured loan of 5000 I payed this loan off a year later Ge money are trying to fob my off and refer me back to the broker who have gone bust Ive told igroup ge money its them what took me through the credit agreement not the broker after telling them where to go after explain i have recorded telephone mess of them forcing the agreement they have lodge the complaint although they had my credit agreement on their system I have all paperwork they have refered me to the fos which they have told me igroup did not come under their jurisdiction Ive gone mad with fos, they have told me they will write to the insurance company ppi cigna life assurance cos is their only way forward Somebody pls explain to me how come igroup still get away with it. Tina
  4. oh thank you so much this is just puzzling me completely and im pretty good with my figures
  5. i think someone is going to have to help me on this one its very complexed, was missold definately, I tried to claim on the ppi put in the claim form, igroup messed me about and told me that i wasnt covered and lost my claim form, and that suprisingly a few months down the line they found it, the wrote a letteer to state this, as I threw wobblers the added lots of charges to loan too, about a year later i told and forced igroup to take ppi off, cos it was useless I got a rebate back something and nothing bearing in mind I was paying 19.35% a month for the ppi on my loan, when i got the rebate they payed it to my loan account and my monthly loan figure did not go down, so I had to get rid of igroup with a loan off someone else they were terrible so how do i calclate this mess
  6. Help neede in reclaiming ppi back from a loan off igroup, but loan taken out in 2003 for 5 years paid back in 2005, the loan we was told and forced upon us a secured loan on property only for £5000, and told by igroup and the broker that the ppi was conditional, and that had to be taken to get the loan this is down on black and white from broker and igrooup, im still mad about it but tryed to get out of it at time Loan was for 5000 ppi was £1200, the total loan £6200, interest rate 13% over 120 months loan plus ppi was a month £92.57, interest rate variable, i still have agreement statements etc all paper work, what do I do over 6 years old, and im fired up to go get them because they was out of order for this I was always having arguements with igroup over the ppi Who do i contact is it ge money and what is there contact details and anybody have any ideas what i should claim for and how much
  7. In response to repairs and carpets i have gone through the right channels to do things, last year brought in housing standards from my local council they issued them will court notice so they did some repairs, i asked them to riplace carpets they ignored me they ignored me about the boiler, but the boiler we was hours from death, that is with a solicitor and Im suing, but continued repairs afterwards have been a problem even with the boiler, they dont have a leg to stand on You would think after that had happened they would be quite assertive, after i replaced carpets they asked for the receipts and they took them off me, my solicitor thinks my landlord has claimed off his insurance and pocketed the money well tonite the bedroom ceiling fell in at 8pm and water pouring through my ceiling i rang owners has id emailed them weeks ago, i was just going to bed as i felt ill and found it, I think this is health and safety issue now, Im fed up, and feel so ill off it all my waters all off and off till tomorrow until a plumber gets here. I am in England not scotland I just feel like i could curl up and die, just wishing this all to dissappear
  8. I am at my wits end at the moment with the letting agent and landlord, as ive had a lot of propblems with this property Firstly in jan 2010 myself and my children were hrs away from death from a boiler with a flue not connected correctly and wide open seaping into the cavity under my sons bedroom Bearing in mind Im in a new build which is 4 yrs old now, the levels of carbon monoxide in our blood the hospital does not know how were are here to tell the tale. The health and safety executive was involved case now closed after 18 months they are not going to prosecute in criminal proceedings, due to the evidence being disturbed by the plumber not following proceedure, even though i had told the landlord i thought there was something wrong with the boiler a few months prior to the plumber doing the annual gas check which was late. The health and safety executive found 5 people has having had a responsibility to what happened, the developer, the plumber who installed at build the plumber who did gas check when i moved in and the plumber who found it Even after this has happen 18mths it took for the hse and gas safe to look at my boiler cause i did not find it right still, and yes they found still 4 items on the boiler not to current standards still after all this the letting agent has not fixed the boiler and it still needs a part, as now if the pressure goes down i cannot fill the boiler up due to no filling loop, i am now 6mths on My bedroom roof is about to carve in due to a leak in the ensuite toilet above which they had not fixed correctly, even though we have never used that shower or bathroom it continues to leak, the ceiling wet patch is getting bigger and has gone black in places and the ceiling plaster is crumbling and coming away this is a very small bedroom and i sleep in here due to the bed being higher after having to have 2 tumour major surgeries after all this carbon monoxide poisoining, all these problems has made me very ill, there is other problems in this property the list is endless, the letting agent chooses to ignor my calls and my emails in writing, I have spent upto 4000 pound on this property since i have been in it putting things right, i have been in property 2 and a half yrs, when i moved in here i have had to replace all carpets due to bad tennants in prev due to hundreds of cigarette burns extensive decorating, recently new flooring in kitchen 400 pound due to all probs with boiler leaking when they send their plumbers round, I am a good tennant never put a foot wrong pay my rent on time, i feel this is getting quite personal now and i dare not cause to much trouble because they will throw my out under the shorthold tennacy, i brought housing standards in last time and i dare not do it again has im not well enough to move at moment due to my 2nd operation 8 weeks ago, but they are slowly killing me with this What do i do Ive spent so much money on this property
  9. Just to let you know I had the same problems with redstone, and I got away from them, they charged some absurb erc which was not right in 2006, the weirdest thing even 2 years after remortgaging, I keep getting cheques off them for hundreds of pounds, just out of the blue, and I am not doing anything, and because of these idiots I lost my house, another cheque arrived last week I borrowed 175000 off them, it cost me 219000 to get rid of them approx 45,000 pounds, and its gone to solicitor, even the solicitor could not believe it who remortgaged me 2 years ago, as they had forwarded cheque to him
  10. Just to let you guys know what Hsbc did to my OH with his financiall hardship claim for bank charges, last month, chose to ignore it and applied a ccj, and sent it to our old address, but we are going after them the *****
  11. Thank you my fingers are crossed too, but do they close the account down. I too will be making a donation, as without this site, I would never of been enlightened at all, it was due to this site, that I deceided to fight back, even though I was very delicate, frightened, scared, and lost my home and my fight, but I deceided to fight for my rights, and not let the bullys win, and thats a first for me, and down to the banks and creditors, I lost everything I worked hard for and nearly my sanity, but to cag the fight will go on, I small fish can not bring us down, and Im with you guys all the way.
  12. I also think the Halifax have settled my hardship claim, I filled in my hardship financial statement 4 weeks ago and I spoke to them yeserday, and they said to me they were making a decision today, I looked at my bank account online and the balance has been wiped out to 0, and it also states the account is closed, so I am hoping I have a letter in the post with a cheque, but to me I was suffering extreme financial hardship, as I had my house repossed last year, and we are struggling to get by, but if they have settled, the halifax have been pretty good and understandable.
  13. but yes, but seriously need help, what do you think will happen, its beggars belief my hubby only received an update letter from Hsbc 3 wks previously about the oft decision and what happens now, do you think the courts will stay the claim or go ahead with it, or will hsbc have mud on their faces, but this is at their peril and their costs
  14. Also this is quite urgent my hubbys account with hsbc which they closed many months ago, and account in dispute for excessive charges, the last letter they received is letter before action off him, and a claim under financial hardship, I have just 4 days ago received an application for a ccj, this was address to my old address, and they are claiming for overdrawn bank account, which is made up of their excessive charges and goes on to say, the account was maintained without sufficient funds to meet withdrawals. Boy are they stupid or what, I am at the deadline to counterclaim, but I need to counter claim the beggers as we have never been contacted by their solicitors at all. So basically they taking my hubby to court, for a ccj over a disputed account for there obsesive charges of £2249.73 I am gonna counterclaim this but help is needed!!!!!!!!
  15. the only stage I have not taken is through the courts which is the next step, but this would be irrelevant at moment due to the stays in place, and I have not money to throw away.
  16. Yes that was done 9 months ago, I was at the letter before action stage, my claim put into them but there is more charges now yet to go on, I also submitted after a letter to support my claim of financial hardship, of which i received a letter back to say they would look at my claim, I sent my income and expenditure form back and they were not interested, and they were more interested in sorting the managed loan out and would not speak to me about my claim or hardship, they just kept applying charges to my account for the managed loan as they would not cancell the standing order from my current account to take the 50 managed loan, so kept on charging me, I would put complaint in after complaint with what they were doing to me and not listening, I would put things in writing, then they would ring me up all the time and pretend they knew nothing. Ive have not spoke to Hsbc, but when I logged onto my online banking my accounts have gone, there not there, but they have left my joint savings account which I have never used, so why have they taken my savings account away, this account just took my benefits, and obviously my current account has gone. I did have a letter dated 1st of July 08 demanding my managed loan back, and the current account of 345, solely made up of there charges, as I did not put any money in this account, after they forced me into a manage loan, and started putting more charges on me after I submitted my claim.
  17. I am just wondering whether now is the time to put my complaint in writing to the fso, as I have spoke to them on occasions about hsbc
  18. Thanks for that, i will be dealing with Hsbc, the other thing is they have closed my savings account too, which I had my tax credits payed into, I cannot understand why they closed this one too, but Hsbc quite nasty people to deal with, my bank aacount they closed, was 345 od, this was entirely all they charges they ran up not me, my original account made up of unlawful charges of over 2k, they forced me into a managed loan, to cover these charges, and they would not let me cancell the s/o in my account to pay the managed loan, so the 345 is made up of there charges for the standing order falling as I would not put any money into my account, I had my tax credits paid into my savings account and my incapacity benefit, they helped themselves to that, until I demanded it back, as I had been off work due to ill health, my bank charges claim i put in as a hardship claim too,due to being off work and on benefits, I also lost my home last year so I genuinlly had a financial hardship claim, they sent a letter to say they would look at it, but when I spoke to them they basically would not listen and the conversation was all about they wanted the 50 pounds for my m/l, they would phone over 10 times a day from 7.30am till 10.00 at night even after I had spoke to them, only to speak to someone else and go over the same thing, I was banging my head against a brick wall, and eventually with being poorly I had a breakdown, and my phone line I do not have any more, as I was simply being harrased all the time, the children were being woke up with there constant calls.
  19. Last week hsbc closed my accounts without notifying me watsoever, and I am in dispute with them with excessive bank charges and a managed loan they forced me into for all there charges, we got harrased by telephone everyday from 7.30am till 10.00 at night just constantly there call centre ringing all the time, untilI literally cancelled my Bt phone I put in an hardship case and they was not interested, my husbands account made up of charges around 2k, and in dispute too there apply for ccj, these guys do not listen at all Is this right what they are doing
  20. Hsbc have done the same to me as well, I had a managed loan they forced me to have due to bank charges, I put the account into dispute they would not cancell the direct debit, which still every month charged me 25 a month and last week they closed my accounts, even my savings account without letting me know, and sent this to there debt collectors, and my husbands account they have gone for a county court judgement, even though there is a dispute with account for made up of all their charges
  21. So forgive me for asking, would I state they have not complied, due to illegibility and S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) them, and I wrote them a cca request last week, on that I put account in dispute, and that they can only contact us in writing, they today contacted my partner at work, to say in the letter, that I had stated that They can only email us, so partner unaware gave my email address out, oh bouy I am gonna get bombarded now, they have sent email asking me my date of birth etc, by email. This is not right at all, or is it
  22. Today I have received my cca request from black horse finance, and it is a photo copy, which is unreadable and 1 side you can not read at all Do I SAR request now, they have contacted my partner at work, whilst I was waiting for the cca, and have gotten by email address to contact me, is this right I have a email waiting for my response, is this the norm, and what to do about the unreadable credit agreement.
  23. Hi Just wishing you the best of luck with welcome, I hope they back out at last minute, and that you have spured me own on to start to tackle welcome myself, I know my agreement is wrong, but mines for a secured loan, I have just loss my house to my first charge mortgagee, but oh boy the threats I have had from welcome,but hey just letting you know what a good job you are doing and what a wonderful job every body is doing to help, I well be starting my own thread, so any help will be appreciated, but I will be following you case.
  24. Thanks Pete for that, how can Hsbc, force me into another manage loan on my account, it does not have a debit balance, If they try to put a charge, I ring them up and they refund the odd 25.00 back, but they cant put me on M/L, due to account ok. Council Tax I sorted out and I now only owe pennies, I will be going to cab, but I do not want to get into a payment schedule until, I have put in all my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) request and cca, and sent my letter off to lloyds for there bank Charges, I am wanting to put certain accounts in dispute first, before I agree payments, because that would then be saying that I am accepting that all balances are correct. Nowt I can do about the house yet, it has not been sold, I have a welcome loan and I know the credit agreement is not up to scratch. Any suggestions !!!! Are lloyds Tsb difficult to deal with
  25. I just wonder what will happen with the test case, as the Hsbc are so sure of winning the case against the OFT
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