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  1. My Daughters case was stayed, along with 180 others at Leeds Mercantile Court. Two things have happened recently,and I would like to ask if anyone knows what is happening ?? My Abbey Branch told me, that all those with claims would receive a letter, advising them that no repayments would be made, BUT all 'supposedly' outstanding amounts would be cancelled.As yet this has not happened. She is now receiving letters asking for full payment and also getting Default notices etc etc. Is the stay still in place ??? and any idea how to continue ??,any help would be appreciated.
  2. Some you win.some you lose. I have still not paid mine,and even though the DCA agreed to bin the demand.Came back 6 months later with the same amount plus £20 ????/ As there is no contract that charge is illegal,after getting no joy from me,they are still waiting.
  3. Sue, After the High Court decision yesterday ,there is a Case Management meeting set up for the 22nd May,at which the Banks or the OFT can appeal the decision.So until then, at least.no action is likely to be taken in any Court .So until the outcome of that is known,I think its a matter of sit and wait.
  4. I presume the reason why 'charges' are used,is that like lots of words and terms they become abbreviated very quickly,and 'Text Talk' perhaps demonstrates that.The full term is 'penalty charges',but on these sort of sites, then just charges or even just penalties are regularly used.
  5. Latest from the BBC is that all stays remain until the 22 May,to allow time for Appeals if necessary.
  6. When the OFT set the lmit for Credit Card charges to a MAX(and that is the important word)of £12.50,these were still being claimed back via the Courts as the Banks would not provide costing info for charges.Should an agreement be reached on the Current account charges ,then IMO it would have to be in the £2-£5 range to prevent the same thing happening as with Credit Cards.
  7. I really cannot see that they can institute Court proceedings, if yoiu have the initial claim stayed,and would therefore be pretty certain that the Court would sling it out. As you advised them in your letter to them(presume you have proof of delivery for that ??) that you would go down the OFT complaints route etc,I would do that.
  8. Do the Curlyben thing...ie ..Nowt(in my Geordie accent)
  9. Mr Ton's question says it all.......they huff and puff but it is all bluff....Read the letter from them again,...PRE Legal Team.we MAY take action etc etc,all bluff. No CCA = no enforceable debt....case closed(if you pardon the pun) Happy Easter.
  10. The DCAs will say anything to try and force payment. 42man has given you an ace Curyben letter,so send that. Just remember until they supply the CCA,they cannot take you to court,or take ant legal action to get their 'pound of flesh',so rest peacefully knowing that to date you are bombproof.
  11. Actually,I would not do anything.The 'account is in dispute' and Abbey are fully aware of that ????therefore as stated in your letter,they would be acting against the OFT's Debt Collection Guidance,and doubt they will take any action. You should ensure that the claim for penalty charges etc is put in asap.In all Stayed claims as far as I know,no recovery action is permissable by the Banks until this OFT test case is finished.
  12. you ask for a s77-79 CCA request so you can see that solicitors/DCA or the original creditor is legally entitled to collect the debt. Which dpick is exactly what I said!!!!!
  13. Have the IF and A&L sent you a 'Notice of assignment'?? if the debts have been sold. If you offer reduced payments after talking to the CCCS,then there would seem to be little point in asking for the CCA(although you would still be entitled to),as you have basically said,yes they have the Agreements,which is why I am paying. A CCA indicates that the solicitors/DCA's have the RIGHT to collect from you,and that IMO would be the first step.
  14. Well it would seem that irrespective of what department in Abbey it is,they have decided NOT to reply to letters,EXCEPT by re-sending the same letter we received from them with a new date on it. The ironic thing about this, is that a copy of their Complaints Procedure,has great quotes like;- 'How to complain.We are serious about your complaint'...AND.. 'We promise to..Let you know PROMPTLY that we received your complaint' Their ignorance and gross bad manners I find very hard to understand. I am now trying to formulate a plan of action,and as a first step,have contacted the local press,to see if they might want to do a follow up of their initial coverage in the High Court. Any other ideas etc would be appreciated,as well as any other claimants who are going through this same underhand pressure from Abbey etc,the more pressure we can bring to bear on the Banks,must be in all out interests.
  15. If the Bank did not put one on,suspect the DCA will not.And a copy of the original letter you have just received,saying there is no agreement,will just need to be sent to any other DCA who comes calling,begging bowl in hand...it makes you feel sorry for them eh!!!
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