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  1. Very boring. This is better... “ The Ten Commandments of the Debtor. One - We pretend we are 'can't pays‘. Two - We do not communicate. Three - Moan to the OFT and if they do not agree with you moan about the OFT. Four - Illness should be used as an excuse in the Kingdom of Indebtedness. Five - No-one can get a job in the Kingdom of Indebtedness. Six - No debtor has ever have borrowed to much from a creditor simply because they wanted to spend it on nice things. Seven - Divorce does not cause a debtor difficulty in repaying a debt, as you simply sign over your equity to your ex and offer a £1 per month. Eight - Death is rather handy to avoid our creditors, though there are easier ways. Nine - Statute barring is to be claimed even when you know it is a false claim. Ten - Ask for a copy agreement even if you have a copy in the drawer and know you owe the debt. Amen
  2. The key statement is, "when working with the young, old/infirm or disadvantaged". Doorstep Agents are not 'working with' anyone. They are calling to collect money of those refusing to make payments. a VERY different thing! What rubbish is often spouted here!
  3. Doorstep Agents are not "employed to visit people in their homes". They knock on the door just like salesmen, charity collectors, jehova witnesses etc. They are not regulated, so why shout doorstep agents be?
  4. No, you have a beneficial interest. They can. Why doesn't your wife borrow some £'s off the mortgage and pay off your debt?
  5. "CCA request is a good next step" ? - Why? He owes the money, what is the point? "Is there any course of action I can take with regards the bank charges?" - No, the charges are fair and need tio be paid. " the bank clearly lent money to someone that would have no means to repay them" - Is that what he put on the application form? I somehow doubt it! Either he lied or he could afford the payments. "should I just focus on the IVA route next" - Yes. "I assume this will hit our own credit rating at our address?" - Possibly. Blame him, not the creditor, if you have problems.
  6. Debtors - For getting into debt Debtors - For not paying their debts back Debtors - For lying on i/e forms Debtors - For blaming creditors/DCA's for simply trying to get the debt paid Debtors - For ignoring letters thus contributing to global warning by forcing creditors to waste paper by the need to send more letters! Debtors - For ignoring phone calls thus contributring to global warming by forcing creditors to keep phoning and thus using up more electricity. Yep, debtors are worse than creditors - OFFICIAL!
  7. Unfortunately some of the posters here also fail to grasp the concept and the laws involved. If they have a CCJ then the 'six year rule' does not apply. There are also different rules for certain other types of debts as well.
  8. Why are you ignoring them? Pick up the phone and make a arrangement to pay your debt. It is acceptable to phone earlier than that and later than that! I am sure you do, why should it be different for a creditor? .
  9. Why doesn't your wife borrow some £'s off the mortgage and pay off your debt?
  10. We notice that you haven't actually said you do not owe this sum. You are clearly a debt avoider and will get no sympathy here. They will leave you alone when you finally get round to paying the debt off IN FULL.
  11. "you may have an ex con or even worse someone who is on the sex offenders register". Maybe creditors should check those out requesting credit? I mean the applicant may be an ex con or someone who is on the sex offenders register! We certainly don't wan't those types borrowing money! It's bad enough as it is.
  12. Whenever you borrow money there is interest. If you borrowed three grand they would add on the interest at the start, (as detailed on the form you signed and the % interest you agreed to). If you do not bother paying anything for a year the interest will increase considerably. Nothing you can do except pay the debt off. You owe it!
  13. As you say it is an 'old' debt and therefore this company have been very patient. The settlement is in my opinion very generous and I would suggest you accept it. If you own your house remortgaging is a simple way to clear this debt.
  14. "I defaulted 18 months ago". if you know you owe this why are you wasting time with a CCA request? When was the last time you paid money to your creditor? Why did you stop paying? When are you going to START paying again? Those are the important questions.
  15. "if it was discontinued why are they still reporting on me to Experian? " There is a world of difference between not owing money and a creditor discontinuing action.
  16. Yes they are. You must appreciate that in the absence of a ligitimate claim within seven days, we must proceed with possible removal of the goods belonging to a third party.
  17. Grow up! I hardly think anyone would be intetrested in listening to a load of debtors moaning! As for 'articulate' and 'intelligent' you only need to read the posts on this forum to know 75% of the persons here are neither!
  18. I to am old enough to remember the youngsters who fought and gave their lives for our freedom from oppression so many years ago. Most of them paid their debts. Its sad to know such people no longer exist in our dumbed down country.
  19. "BT have had quite a few complaints about moorcroft". They have also had quite a few about this womans daughter!
  20. " I don't think I could read through that small print without going crosseyed. Do you think it all looks ok then?" Didnt you read it when you signed it? Or did they give you a magnifying glass to assist you?
  21. Why would any DCA/Bailiff/creditor employees want to change the job they are in? Without them debtors would simply stop paying their debts and where would we all be then? Its the DEBTORS who need to find something better to do with their lives next year. Asking for copy contracts, annoying the OFT/CAB/TS and moaning is hardly a useful existence is it?
  22. The only reason creditors call is when you stop paying the amounts you AGREED to. the only reason they keep calling is because you are IGNORING them. that is not harrassment, it is trying to get a debt avoider to face up to their responsibilities and PAY. What would YOU do if someone owed YOU money and ignored your letters? Shrug your shoulders or phone them? Hmmm, I wonder. Easy choices if you do not want a call; 1. Pay your bills on time 2. You call the creditor PROMPTLY when they write to you 3. Refuse to give a phone number when appying, (strange how debtors glady provide a phone number at that stage. i wonder why?) You are not the victim. The victim is the creditor.
  23. It is indeed a poor state of affairs when young people of this age can get easy access to credit and then not bother paying. If Banks refused to give them the money doubtless the applicant would start moaning and probably lie on their next application form. What is needed is simple; All creditors should have FULL access to a persons lifestyle. If they knew EVERY financial detail they could easily check the applicants true financial position. Don't blame the banks, blame the debtors!!!
  24. Looks fine. You signed it, enjoyed the money and now it is time to pay it back. Get the cheque book out!!!
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