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  1. "DCA's buy these debt for a very small percentage of the original debt (I've been told it's around 7-10%), but still continue to pursue us for the whole amount". Obviously they do. That is because 70% of the portfolios comprise of debt evaders who never pay their debt, (absconders, stat barred, unable to provide contract). Basically the honourable debtor subsidises the scumbugs. Dont blame the DCA's, blame the debtors!!!
  2. "The amounts they are requesting are totaly unreasonable" Why? It seems a very fair offer considering the size and age of the debt. would YOU accept this offer if YOU were owed this money?
  3. "What is proper procedure to get these parasites off my backside?" Easy, pay back your debt! The parasite here is YOU. Most people who buy goods pay for them. The only reason this company are dealing is because YOU never paid Next. Why are people here supporting what amounts to theft?
  4. Data Protection - without a signed agreement they cannot presume agreement, surely? Yes they can How do I get the records removed from Experian and Equifax. Can I write to Experian and Equifax, what do I say and will they remove the records? They will only remove if details are WRONG. As you did have an account and still have a debt, why should it be removed? . Without a CCA the debt is unenforceable, so how can they still try and and enforce it, albeit without going to the court. How do I respond to that please? Lack of the original CCA does not mean it is unenforceable. A common misconception. Why not just pay your debt? You have had the goods. This is no better than theft! I find it appalling that people here are trying to help you get out of paying! would they help a thief escape after taking items from a shop and running away? They probably would.... How also do I reclaim charges and interest, which I believe they cannot charge me without a properly executed CCA. I would prefer initially to be able to write to them and request a refund, before going to court. OFT - how do I make a complaint to them, what should I say?
  5. "but these scrotums just terrorise people for fun". Proof? That is a VERY serious statement that could cause problems for this site.
  6. Totally agree that, "people should be aware of what they can and cant do". For example, pay the debt back in the way they originally agreed to.
  7. The default is absolutely neccessary. It is important for creditors to know you have missed payments. This ensures credit is not given to persons who cannot afford to make the repayments. Banks are often critisized on this site for giving loans to those who can't afford repayments! Defaults data is therefore benificial to ALL. You also have a cheek calling them 'Crapital' after they very generously stopped interest. I think a 'thank you' would have been the correct response. My god debtors want it all ways!!!
  8. "I am aware of their reputation for intimidation". Where from exactly? A reputable source? The police? I doubt it. More likely you are foolish enough to believe the lies that certain very bitter persons post on sites such as this. This company is highly reputable.
  9. So, this helpful guy making free visits to collect a paltry £5 is called a ****** and will be threatened with the Police? What an utter waste of our valuable Police Force's time! Personally I would suggest the debtor is taken to court for wasting police time! How about 'your friend' concentrating on paying the debt? The only ****** here is your friend for trying to avoid payinging a debt even when a FREE collection service is offered!!! Utterly appalling.
  10. Not the best thing as you will rightly continue to get calls. Why not be helpful and try to resolve this matter?
  11. Get a cheaper one? Best to stick within your financial limits.
  12. Instead of refusing to give your name and address why not give it? If you ARE the debtor you can ort this out easily. If you are not you can simply request they update their telephone records. Why be so stubborn? It is achieving nothing but aggravation for you. Do not believe the lies on this site about creditors. They are usually helpful and professional.
  13. They are very keen on litigation where debtorsdo not pay their debts. Instead of wasting time on a SAR, get on that phone and request a monthly repayment schedule.
  14. "It is possible, although unlikely that a creditor with a charging order against the property can actually go through the courts with a view to making you sell your home". Where do you get that from? Do you work in a Court? Are you a solicitor with experience of 'order for sale hearings'? No you are not and it is therefore irresponsible and wrong to lull someone in a vulnerable position into a possibly false sense of security. The FACT is that they will have every right to apply for an order for sale. Often creditors succeed in getting the house sold.
  15. Perfectly legal to sell a debt on without your permission. Only thing required is that you HAVE been advised, which you have. They are not obliged to provide a copy of the default notice. Instead of trying to delay matters the important thing is to get this debt paid off. Why not phone them to agree a repayment schedule?
  16. No, they are desperate for you to make a sensible offer to clear your debt. £1 per month? Would YOU accept that!
  17. Some absolutely appalling comments here that could get this site into trouble. "enterprising members of staff at some DCAs to get busy with a scanner and photocopier to make a signature 'appear' on what looks like the original credit agreement". Evidence? Put in simple terms, your daughter got an engineer out with full knowledge of the costs and is refusing to pay the bill. Would YOU work for free? I find it staggering that ANYONE here is defending her reprehensible behaviour!
  18. Rather than wasting time with a pointless CCA, what are you doing about paying this debt off? Best to get in contact with the DCA and agree a repayment schedule.
  19. Nothing you can do im afraid. Important thing is that the debt has virtually been cleared. The comments here are so wrong! There is nothing in the OFT guidelines saying that a DCA can suggest an option is to borrow money to pay a debt. The phrase is PRESSURISING. Crikey, people borrow off one card to pay another and get loans to clear debts on a regular basis! Also you have not said that they deceived, misled or pressurised you into paying. into doing it. Clearly this poster is encouraging you to lie to try and get this money back, very poor behaviour. You hardly want to lie on oath do you? Finally Ruthbridge do not need to prove that the debt is either owed or enforceable. They asked, you paid. You need to prove the debt ISNT owed. The fact that it may be statute barred is irrelevant by the way.
  20. Yes they can they charge you that interest and those costs as it was in the original agreement you entered into and then defaulted on. The advice here is wrong, as is often the case.
  21. Yes. Once they have the charge they will have every right to apply for an order for sale. They are hardly going to simply let you pay nothing until you decide to sell! Why would they? Best to remortgage and fully clear this debt.
  22. How exactly is this harrasment? they do not have to accept your offer and are fully entitled to phone you and write to you.
  23. They have EVERY right to visit you at home. Where is the law says you cant?
  24. I think that is a very serious thing to do on a public forum. I wonder if the OFT, TS, FOS and OCI would approve? Likely to give the forum a bad reputation.
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