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  1. Why should they accept £50 if you can afford more? When you get a judgment, have to pay in full and have an even worse credit rating it will YOU who is even more of an idiot, not Next.
  2. By sending the CCA request you risk annoying them. One debt may be written off, but if they HAVE a contract will they let you off with a 50% deal? What if they insist on 100%/ Bad advice from the CAG'ers, but then it isn't THEIR debt and they may be just trying to annoy DCA's rather than help you.....
  3. Dont be so cynical. If they received it and it hasn't been allocated to your account it is likely to be either; A clerical error when allocating the payment or you quoted an incorrect reference number, (or no reference at all). Just phone them up and sort it out. Dont listen to the pathetic doomongers and bores who start screaming 'cca request', 'they did it deliberately'. Mistakes happen.
  4. Do you owe them any money? Seems strange that you have not mentioned this.
  5. "just honestly lost all means of contacting them"? Eh? I find that a bit hard to believe! Phone them? Write to them? Their address and telephone number and e.mail details are on the net!! Sounds like they called neighbours as a last try to make contact with someone avoiding them. It was therefore YOUR fault they called the neighbour. Perhaps we should report you to age concern!
  6. Pretending they dont have the information, giving incorrect income, misinformation, misinterpretation of facts, unsubstantiated claims of poverty, underhanded and devious actions - do you get the impression I have dealt with a few debtors?
  7. not quite, the saddo paying £5 INVITES him to call. Hardly trespass. I guess the poor man hasn't been deemed worthy of a cheque book and can't afford a postage stamp!
  8. Moron? Now lets have a think. Whose credit rating is completely shot? Who owes loads of money to creditors? Who is such a saddo that they have to rely on a doorstep visit? Who has the humiliation of a bloke calling to ollect a paltry £5 becausethey are so thick they havent got a well paid job and cannot pay it off in full? Yep, its YOU who is a moron!!!!
  9. I have a lot of ideas about how you can pay your debts rather than trying to avoid them.
  10. Are these debtors for real? They are getting their pants in a bit of a pandemonium over £43 are they not? It must have cost them more than that for their activities in trying to avoid paying............!
  11. "i show no mercy to no one, they quick enought to scew you so it's time to get owns back". You sound like a DCA employee talking about debtors.
  12. Best to go directly to the debt collection agency.
  13. Best to send this..on a cheque... "Please pay Robinson Way Forty three pounds only"
  14. Do you own your house? If you have equity this should have been disclosed as an asset. Probably best to re-motgage if this is the case and clear your debts in full.
  15. Yes, always best to be honest. If you do not give them an address how will they write to you? Also if it DOES go to court a judge will take a very dim view of your failure to keep your creditors advised.
  16. "first thing NEVER phone a debt collector EVER again, they lie !" Do not listen to this person, HE is lying. Always best to phone and discuss. Matter can be sorted out very quickly to give you peace of mind. Supposing your letter gets lost in the post? Sadly many posters here do not wish to help debtors, they simply want to make trouble.
  17. "I wonder if a few CAGgers could get temporarily certificated as bailiffs to collect from the defendants?". Very doubtful as they would not be considered worthy of a place in such an important profession. My god, even bailiffs have standards!
  18. "If this government brings in powers of forced entry by other bailiffs as proposed under the Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Bill , then we will all have something to worry about". No, not ALL of us. Only debtors. This new law is very good news for creditors and those of us who are sick of people not paying their bills and sticking two fingers up. If you owe money why should you have a plethora of CD players, games consoles, plasma screens, new furniture, masses of DVD's etc? I have never seen a debtors house without these things.
  19. Why did you get the tickets? I guess you knowingly parked where you shouldnt? Why didnt you pay the tickets promptly? I have no sympathy at all.
  20. "It is up to these fools to prove you owe the money, not up to you that you don`t". Very poor advice as this is not the case. If they serve a stat demand or summons this poor wretch will have his work cut out defending the matter. Do not listen to some of the fools and muppets on this forum. Phone the DCA, explain, provide proof. Easier in the long run. Certain persons here do not want to help debtors, they simply want to hinder DCA's. A very seperate thing!
  21. Well, we all make mistakes. Sometimes debtors 'overlook' the fact they have a debt and need to pay it!
  22. Rightly so. Very sensible judge. With £60k equity you can pay in full, (debt plus costs plus interest). Bet you wish you had paid the debt BEFORE the legal action. Your attempts to evade this debt have been very costly!!
  23. "What a bunch of numpties these people are!". Why? They are chasing a debtor that STILL hasn't been paid! "but I am angry on her behalf!". Why, because she STILL hasn't paid her debt. Instead of moaning, whining and posting here I would suggest you and your debtor daughter get together and work out how to pay in full asap. This forum is for those seeking help with genuine problems, not debt evaders.
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