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  1. An interesting thread. The reply, "Generally speaking, they do enjoy the false sense of superiority and anonymity these forums provide" could also, be a very accurate description of the non DCA employees who post here as well!! This forum does seem to have a most unpleasant mob mentality. Anyone who does not agree 100% with the regulars is instantly considered a DCA employee....or worse. The rather unbelievable comment made which refers to 'Nazi's' is perhaps a little to close to home? Weren't they a group who refused to accept anyone who did not agree 100% with their beliefs? How do the regulars react to anyone disagreeing with the 'party line' here? If this site is to be considered something better than a private club for Bank/DCA haters I think a little open mindedness and tolerance for those not agreeing 100% is required from the 'regulars'. Please note I do not work for a DCA, but cue the usual tedious responses...'troll'...'DCA'...'Ban him'.....'subscribing'......zzzzzzz
  2. MG's are badly put together. The only time Rovers were any good was when they were being made under the watchful eye of Honda. Stick to jap cars!!
  3. What if there was a CCJ but the debt wasnt included in the IVA? Would that make a difference?
  4. My work? I dont work! I am a proud member of the 'retired'. (do not jump to conclusions!!!) I previously worked as a honourable member of local government. Yes I did my stint in rates and community charge. I was I suppose a tax collector and hated by many. I sympathise with anyone in a 'collections' enviroment. People hated us, we were TAX collectors. Soon moaned if their dustbins weren't emptied though!! Happy times....
  5. Ha Ha!!! Well, to be truthful, most of us would sell our 'morality' for a few quid wouldnt we? We buy cheap clothes, (forgetting about the slave labour that keeps the cost down), love the cheap food at the supermarket, (ignoring the appaling conditions animals are kept in and the farmers being exploited) etc. If a DCA offered me big bucks i'd be tempted...very tempted..... Proud of working in McDonalds? There are now thousands of cows gearing up to stampede you....[EDT] exploiting a great many people, in my humble opinion. No concern for the health of anyone, especially children, simply to make dollars.
  6. How much do DCA's pay? What are the bonuses like? Any decent promotion prospects? Might be a better job, and more moral, than selling mad cow burgers at McDonalds!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. The post says, "which we were taken to court for". Doesnt that mean statute barred doesnt apply?
  8. Yes, got letters from the creditor and DCA to say debt had been sold.Dont really care who I pay it to!
  9. Some were DCA's. The good thing is that DCA's dont seem to charge interest when they have bought the debt!Why do people get so annoyed about debts being sold? Cheaper for me!!
  10. Plucked up the courage and called up my 5 creditors during the last few days. Had sent them all an income/expenditure form a few weeks ago, (fairly honest a few nice lies to retain some spare cash!!), all agreed to my monthly offer.Interestingly they were all fairly polite, did the dpa checks and listened to my reasons for lowish offers.Its not always as bad as you think it is.
  11. Are they unlawful? I thought the two big cases went in the Banks favour? When did the court say the charges were unlwful? Can someone send me the thgink please.
  12. Do you know thei debtors new address? Pass it on! Them leaving debts has caused YOU a problem. Get you're own back! Give them the debtors phone number as well!
  13. What 'threats'have they made against your family? Get the police involved, that is serious stuff. I think you owe it to your mother to give a new address or else they will continue to write there. I think they can keep writing there as it is your last known address? Whats the relevence of asking for a copy agreement? I dont think he is disputing the debt.
  14. Has he an agreed monthly repayment plan? If he has and pays on time every month they really shouldnt call him!
  15. From memory MBNA bought some big companies years ago, (Abbey Credit Cards?). Maybe debt is an old one with a defunct company? diod you pay all your old debts in full?
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