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  1. "Lack of CCA doesn't stop them processing your data, I know it should". You are wrong, they are still allowed to process data.
  2. It certainly isn't against the law. If you had bothered to deal with this matter or answered letters sent to your home address they wouldn't have needed to take this step. Your fault, no-one to blame but you. Can we now discuss how you are going to pay this debt off? as for Mr Ton, I hardly think one of THEIR staff will travel a few hundred miles. They use local agents. You are also full of...
  3. ALWAYS talk to these people on the phone. The quickest way to resolve the issue. Dont listen to those who claim, "they will try and get you to agree to anything". They are talking rubbish to stir up trouble.
  4. "Sadly, the debt industry is quite profitable". Not sad at all.
  5. The debt still exists. What are you going to do about paying it off?
  6. Indeed, what IS your defence? You owe the money, you should have paid it years ago. You cant expect that kind of arrangement forever can you. Time to remortgage/refinance I think.
  7. Hardly shady is it? If you think they have done something illegal provide details and proof. Dont just make unsubstantiated allegations.
  8. You need to pay this. Statute barred is irrelevant, they have a CCJ.
  9. It was your fault entirely. No pint in blaming the creditor. The debt is old. It was passed to Lowells because you never paid the original creditor. Then you miss payments with the Lowell. What is so unreasonable about their behaviour? How many MORE times do you expect to miss instalments! If you want shot, PAY THE DEBT UP! re-mortgage? Re-finance?
  10. "To date I have ignored all of them and I plan to carry on doing so". What a responsible person you are! A typical debtor. I expect that is how you behave after your mates have bought you a drink! The sort of bloke who sponges a few pints and then goes home.
  11. Yes is the correct answer. Best to pay asap in full! No point in taking risks or annoying them.
  12. "for my hols later this month?". Typical. If you can afford that, then maybe you should pay this debt in full now and not over 5 months? Strange how debtors rarely have money for debts, but find it for holidays, sky, nice cars etc etc.
  13. If only debtors told their creditors where they were moving! The fault lies with THEM. They are the pits. Lets all petition for creditors to have access to ALL databases to track down these debt avoiders. No wrong traces any more!!!
  14. "has anyone else had dealings with these idiots?" You're the one who had your ebay account suspended! Never had a debt problem? Hmmmmm
  15. "TSB are just not human.. they don't give a dam about anyone... all they want is your money!" All you wanted off them was THEIR money!!
  16. There IS a requirement for you to pay the debt though. What efforts have you been making? If creditors DIDNT do security checks you would moan about that too!!!
  17. Instead of this, suggest you put some effort into paying the debt. When was the last time you paid something? How old is the debt? Can you remortgage to clear? etc
  18. Basically, its tough. You cant expect any sympathy if you simply stop paying for six months!! Instead of blaming everyone else, blame the person who stopped paying. It was HER responsibility. They are hardly bullies for wanting money owed to them are they? To say you will offer 'token payments' and catch up soon is appalling. Would you accept that if YOU were owed money? No. I cannot believe you are complaining. When creditors do call, people moan that they ARE calling! You and your girlfriend give honest debtors a bad name.
  19. "MBNA and RMA, both of whom say they have a 'legal right to phone' but are strangely unable to state which statute law gives them this right". You have a legal right to do whatever you want UNLESS it is illegal. That is why we have laws!!! Which law says they can't?
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