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  1. Thanks . I appreciate your efforts. I've called my provider who are setting up "choose to refuse" and I'll be able to block it, though it will be interesting to find out who they are, which I guess will become evident at some point considering how they're harassing me !
  2. Hi. Wondered if anybody knew what this phone number 07450198982 is ? It has called me 8 times this evening but nobody speaks and one call didn't terminate for 45 minutes. I haven't picked the receiver up since then as I don't want to have my line blocked again. I just hear the repeated message "You've been placed on hold, please wait". The voice has an English accent. I've tried calling the number back but get constant engaged tones or an eventual message telling me to leave my name and number, but it doesn't state who I am calling and it has just called again at 9.10 p.m. but once again left no message. It may not be a debt collector but since I have some debts, I think it's likely. Hope someone can help. If not, thanks for reading Dips
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