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  1. Yes we sent a form because originally he didn't want to act as executor, but said he wanted to stay at the last minute. So advised for power reserved. Now probate has been granted to my wife he is kicking off. She needed to apply because she wants to sell the house she has been left.
  2. thanks guys for you input. when my applied for probate she spoke to the district probate office, she was advised to change his side to powered reserved. She wouldn't have to seek his consent as he was aware she was applying for letters of administration. regarding the value of the estate, we have found other assets and money totalling around 40K this would only value the estate at 120k therefore way under the tax threshold, just don't want probate kicking off
  3. Hi Guys just looking for some guidance and advice please. My mother-in-law passed away middle of 2016. My wife and her brother are named as excutors on the will (which was collected from her solicitors). My wife has taken the lead role in dealing with her estate. The majority of the estate has been left to her with monies being left to grand children, only a few personal items left to her brother. He was given up for adoption and only reappeared on the scene 12 years ago. He had stated early on that he didn't want anything leaving to him as he was already set up for life kind of thing, even though money was left to his son. My wife applied for probate in her name and requested power reserved for him as she needs to sell the house which has been left to her. He is now saying that she has being acting fraudulently on the probate application because he hadn't signed anything. He also seems to think there is another will, the will we have is lodged with probate. We can honestly say that we have never found a more up to date will. He has stated that he has researchers looking for a second will. please can someone advise us, my wife is in total bits at the moment regarding this. Also, we need to amend the details submitted to probate as we have now come across further assets. Does anyone know what we need to do regarding this.
  4. she hasn't directly refused to work the extra hours but has made it clear that she isn't happy and doesn't really want to work above her 26 hours. I suggested I would seek advice here first before she does anything incorrectly. She is quite adamant that she on wants to work the contracted 26 hours. this is the wording in her contract "Your hours of work will be 26 hours per week. you hours of work are flexible, as required to meet the needs of the business. your hours will be varied and allocated on a weekly rota in advance"
  5. the problem is, she is mother of a 18month old, she doesn't really want to work beyond her contracted 26 hours, but keep giving her many more
  6. Hi, this is in relationship to my daughter she has the following wording in her contract "Your hours of work will be 26 hours per week. you hours of work are flexible, as required to meet the needs of the business. your hours will be varied and allocated on a weekly rota in advance" my question is; she is constantly being made to work above and beyond 26 hours, basically is her employer allowed to continually do this, some weeks she may work 36 hours. many thanks in advance for any help
  7. I have compiled the following to sent to court along with my paperwork. please can I have peoples opinions Mitigating Circumstances Dear Sir / Madam, I have admitted the offence of exceeding a 40mph speed limit. I had also accepted the conditional offer of fixed penalty. This was paid online on 1st November 2014, please see confirmation attached. I also posted my driving license photocard and counterpart as detailed in the accepting the conditional offer letter. This was posted via royal mail on the 1st November 2014 to the following address HMCTS NORTH FIXED PENALTIES, PO BOX 250, MORLEY, LS27 1ET. Please find enclosed a copy of my photocopied documents. I was unaware that this had not reached the office until I received the court summons for this offence. I called the fixed penalties office as soon as I received the letter of summons to query why I was being taken to court. It was explained that my paper work may have gone missing in transit to them. I have subsequently applied for a replacement driving which is enclosed. I would to ask the court to please deal with case as originally offered in the fixed penalty, as I had paid my fine and also sent my documentation to the fixed penalties office as requested. I have also had to pay out to request new documents.
  8. sorry, just checked. it was sent to Her Majestys Courts & Tribunals Service, North Fixed Penalty Office, PO Box 250, Morley, LS27 1ET I kept copies of the letter and also took photocopies of driving license
  9. Hi Guys, I have an issue where I have been summoned to court for not sending my driving license to dvla. I was offered a fixed penalty for a speeding offence. I paid the £100.00 fine online and sent my documents off to dvla to be endorsed as requested. Sometime later I then got a summons to court for a date in March. I contacted the fixed penalty office to query why this was as I have proof I had paid the fine. They replied saying that they hadn't received my documents, even though I had sent them via royal mail on the same day. They said I would have to attended court and plead my case, if I lose it will increase to 6 points and up too £1000 fine. I have today applied for a new license as I need this for work. Please can someone advise me what to do
  10. I have an interesting one for everyone to think about and hopefully I will receive some advice. I had an attachment to earnings order issued against myself from the council in June 2012. My employer deducted the right amounts from my pay over a period of 7 months totalling £1284.00. My employer at the time only paid the council just over £600, even though the had taken the full amount this being confirmed by my payslips. The council have tried to get me to pay the outstanding amount as they thought I had moved employment, Which I did in May 2013. They have written to the company on various occasions seeking the remainder on the monies due to them, which had been deducted from my pay. It would now appear that this company went into liquidation in October 2013. The question I would like to know is, can the council pursue me for the remaining money. Even though I can prove that my employer at the time had taken the full amount to clear the debt. where do I stand
  11. okay point taken. but there again if that being the case, I have only missed one payment. Hardly the grounds for summons of non payment. also, my bill is £1062.00 for the year, so were are my payments. of £237.92, it would leave me owing £824.08 not the full amount
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