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  1. Hi folks, How do I go about reclaiming packaged bank account charges? is there a letter template I can use? The bank in question is Ulster Bank. My account is a U-First account and the monthly payment was £9,99. How do I go about reclaiming please? I would appreciate your help. Regards, Johan
  2. I do not know why I should lose my job I am not working in the banking sector!
  3. Jamesrap look what happened to Northern Rock after you left!!
  4. Hi all, i joined way back in September last year but did not actually got the chance to post anything yet. I am glad that are actually sites as this that are here to help people to take on the banks and all other aspects of the financial world, to me and all other people this is regarderd as a minefield. I am considering in claiming my bankcharges as well after having first made myself familiar with all that is going be to involved with it. I am sure I will receive help and guidance from everybody and for that I will thank you in advance. God bless.
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