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  1. Can anyone please help me? I apologise as this is long but I need to make sure I get the right help ASAP. I need urgent legal help for my son and his family. They live in a Hyde Housing flat on the 6th (top) floor of a block of flats .On Christmas Eve 2013, the roof developed a major leak which flooded several parts of my sons home. The ceiling came down in 3 areas. One of these was a hallway cupboard so lots of their possessions were ruined with the green black stinking water that flowed. They had bowls all over the place to catch it. The bathroom had ceiling leaks which resulted in the paint flaking off into the bath. The areas of damaged ceiling have been tested and are positive for asbestos so they have lived with that dangerous, disturbed substance hanging above their heads for 13 months. My two granddaughters share a tiny bedroom and this is now being covered in an awful black mould. Hyde have promised many times to send people to look at it and repair it but to this day they have done nothing. A plasterer did turn up once but saw the report said asbestos and refused to even stand underneath the damaged ceiling. My son and his family walk under this every day! In April last year my son (unwisely it turns out) withheld his rent until they made his flat fit to live in. in November they took him to court to repossess his flat. The court advisor looked at all his paperwork and photo and the detailed diary we have kept of all the calls, broken appointments etc and said I will get this adjourned as you have a very strong case for a disrepair counter claim. Since November my son has been dealing with a solicitor who also said they have a very strong case. She has asked for copies of all the paperwork and their tenancy agreement etc. This week though she dropped a bombshell on us. She told us the Barrister they wanted to use for this case is now unavailable for two months. They have not been able to get the strongly worded letter to Hyde to try to get the court case dropped and the repairs carried out. She said if they are to continue to represent him they will need £2000 up front but admits she can’t actually promise they can do anything in time. she has left us with nothing and no-one to help. The next court appearance is next month!! Is there any legal eagle out there who can help us or recommend someone who can? All the legal firms we have spoken to don’t want to go up against Hyde Housing, why I have no idea. We need to speak to someone as soon as possible. The case will be heard in Bromley County Court (Bromley in Kent) in February. Please help, the thought of my son and his family being thrown onto the street is making me physically ill.
  2. Thanks for all your answers, really appreciated. They are going to leave it as is. They wanted to transfer them into the girls own saving accounts which earn much more interest and are protected until they are 18 as well.
  3. Hi my sister was shopping Asda recently. She had my 86 year old disabled Aunt with her so used one of the Asda wheelchairs. The footrest on one side was twisted and my sister was unable to get it straight. She asked the security guy, who was the size of a brick outhouse, if he could move it for. The guy went into meltdown. Waving his arms and screaming at her to get away from him, he had to watch the monitors. She said blimey OK mate and walked to customer services where she asked to speak to the manager. The security guy on hearing this, came running over to her shouting and waving his arms about, frightening the life out of my sister in the process. My sister is 50 years old and has been on heart medication since suffering a heart attack at the age of 44. Next thing the security guy grabbed the wheelchair with my terrified aunt in it and started pulling it and pushing it about like a mad man. It took two Asda female staff members to calm him down and get him away from them. Asda have replied with the worst apology you can imagine, effectively calling my sister a liar, although there were witnesses plus CCTV. If she wanted to pursue this, is there a case to answer here? Any advise greatly appreciated.Thanks
  4. Thank you all for your replies. HH want £5000 to cover the cost of the hearing and that's than the settlement figures combined, so think it will be going into the court office after all. Thanks for your help though much appreciated.
  5. Thanks for your replies. We haven't been advised of any court hearing? I think I need to contact the Hampton Hughes people. Any advice on what I should ask, or how I should word the letter?
  6. Hi, can anyone give me some advise please. My daughter in law was involved in a car accident which resulted in injury claims for her and my two granddaughters, ages 7 and 14. The claims have been agreed and my daughter in law has been paid out for her injuries. They have now received a letter from Hampton Hughes stating that the injury claims have been agreed for the two girls. The amounts will be paid into the court office and the girls can claim them when they are 18. This is 4 years for one and 11 years for the other. The money while it is held will not gain any interest while it is held. Is there anyway they can claim this sooner or can it be put into their own child trust fund where it will earn interest as it sits there. Is this set in stone? Hampton Hughes said they can challenge this but they want my daughter in law to send them £5000 to cover the cost of any legal action?? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Thank you. I did write a letter of complaint before but got the usual response, the DD failed so the policy was cancelled. Will try again and see what happens.
  8. Hi, can anyone help with this? I was insured for life and critical illness cover by Friends Provident. In June 2010 I was referred to the hospital for tests by my GP. Obviously with NHS waiting times etc this went on for months before anything was done. In the meantime, for various reasons our DD for the insurance failed. They wrote to us and asked if we would fill out a health insurance questionairre and an authorisation for them to contact our GP. I completed the forms and returned them within two days of receiving them. Two weeks later we received the same letter and forms. I again completed them and sent them staright back. The next thing we received was a letter in February/March 2011 saying as we hadn't responded they had cancelled our policy. I called them and said I most certainly had responded, but was told we would have to take out new insurance as the old one could not be reinstated. My hopsital tests continued and in July 2011 it was confirmed that I was suffering from bowel cancer. Major surgery followed my tumour was removed and fingers crossed, that will be the end of it. Except for 10 years of monitoring. My question is, as I was insured at the beginning of the investigations, should I have claimed for critical illness and can I do it now even though the policy has lapsed? Any advise would be really helpful. Thanks
  9. Hello Brig, no he hasn't done that yet, but he is going to. A formal complaint draft would be a huge and welcome help. Thank you.
  10. Hello BRIGADIER2JCS. There were no letters from Santander, at all, my son wrote to them offering £50 per month and the next thing Carters wrote to him saying the offer was accepted but he had to make payments to them and not Santander. Frederickson wrote to my son a year ago and he ignored tham as he didn't know who they were. He only started paying Carters as they had apparently answered on behalf of Santander.
  11. Thanks Coffee, just done the SAR for him and a letter telling Bryan Carter exactly where to shove their demands...oh I do feel better after writing that!
  12. Thanks very much Coffee. As Santander are still issuing statements I don't see why he can't pay them directly. When will the OFT shut down Carter and all the other bottom feeding sharks out there.
  13. Hi all, Need some advise please. My son had a personal loan with Santander. He then became unemployed and was of course unable to pay. He wrote to Santander explaining the position, got no response! As soon as he was back in work he wrote to them again offering to pay them £50 per month. Still no response from Santander. He then got a letter from Bryan Carter saying the £50 per month had been accepted but he had to pay them not Santander. The balance shown was £3441.96. which was £400 more than the original debt. He has been paying £50 per month since March. He has just received his 6 monthly statement from Santander, which shows the opening balance was £3078.13 and payments received every month of only £25 when he has been paying £50 per month. There is also outstanding interest added of £93.51. My son used to pay the bill at the Post Office over the counter in cash. But Bryan Carter phoned them and said it had to made by card instead. So they have been taking the payments from my daughter in laws card at £50 per month. Is Bryan Carter acting legally? Should my son write to them and tell them he will make payments directly to Santander from now on? Please help, at this rate he will be paying over £6000 to clear this debt. If he had come to me earlier I would have told him to tell BC to shove it, but unfortunately he has tried to do the decent thing by clearing the debt and I feel he is being robbed himself now. What do we do?
  14. Thanks for this is really is helpful. Are there any templates for letters on the site I can use?
  15. Hi guys, thanks for the advise, unftortunately I paid by debit card and the people that hired this lot are the local housing association. Will have to get onto then, I think it's outrageous.
  16. Can anyone help me recover the £375 I have just been robbed of? I live in a block of flats owned by Hyde Housing and parked my car in my own residents parking bay, not realising that as I closed the door, the permit had blown off the dashboard onto the floor of the car. The clamper then appeared and clamped the car. I spoke to the guy who had clamped me and he said I needed to pay £125 to have the clamp removed. I can see understand that the permit should have been on view and technically I am liable for the fine. But to actually release the car I was forced to pay £375 because he had to cancel the tow truck, that was allegedly on it's way from another town!!! It never ever turned up. Is this modern day highway robbery legal and how the hell can I get my money back? Please help.
  17. Some time ago I sent a CCA to Cabot for my sister. It has taken a while for them to respond but they have now sent a copy of what they say is her signed agreement. Problem is, it's not her signature. It's mine from the letter I sent to them and signed in her name. I did this to make sure they couldn't copy her signature onto a form, which is exactly what they have done. What should be my next move??
  18. It's been quiet for a while but now Muck Hall have phoned twice today. I have toldf them to remove my number from their data base and they said they can ring me because my son lives with me. I am truly getting sick of this!
  19. Got another letter from M H yesterday threatening action if he doesn't pay up. Have just ignored it so far. I think it really is time to report them now. Who do I report, 1st Credit, Connaught or MH or all of them? Is there a template letter to the OFT for this anywhere? Thanks
  20. My sister in law has been fine £120 by her insurance company for not informing them that a named driver on her policy, was involved a non fault accident. This accident did not involve her insured vehicle. It was the named drivers car and it was hit while parked when he wasn't even in it. His insurance company say the accident is listed as a non fault accident on the system. Her insurance have written to her and told her they have increased her premium by this 'fine' amount. They said she should have informed them that the named driver was now a risk. When she asked them what they were talking about, they said on their system the accident was showing that her named driver was to blame. She was quite upset by this and said as she had had the insurance with them for only 2 weeks she would cancel and go elsewhere. They said fine, but we will only refund a ridiculous amount as we will keep the rest as cancellation fees. So now she needs to prove that the accident was non fault and needs to try to get this 'fine' back out of them, they actually say in the letter they are fining her! Is this legal? Is there a letter template we can use to send a complaint to the insurance company and what do we say about getting her money back? :-? Any advice would be very gratefully received. Thanks
  21. Oh my god I can't believe it. My son will be so happy. Am going to do the letter to the OFT right now and think I'll just ignore the Muck Hall (love that name) bunch altogether, not spending even a first class stamp on the idiots. Thank you so much for your help, will make a donation to the site today!
  22. What can I do now. After ignoring the letters the offers of the telly etc and then the subsequent letters from DHS Debt Help Service - A Specialist Collections Unit of 1st Credit Ltd on 6th and 12th November 2009, today we have received a Notice of Intended Action letter from Mackenzie Hall in Kilmarnock, saying they are acting on behalf of their clients 1st Credit. As 1st Credit acknowledged receipt of our Account in Dispute letter in July 09 and even said in the reply that no enforcement will be made until they have supplied the signed agreement, which they have not, what do I do now. I am sick of ignoring them as they just send more crap letter from other companies or departments. I think it's time to report them now. Is there a template letter anywhere that I can use on this site. Your advice as always is necessary and very very welcome,
  23. Thanks for this, it's really helpful. I was sure they were from under the same stone, but just wanted to check. Didn't need to get the Statutory Demand set aside as it was never sent to the court, it wasn't even filled out properly, half blank just to frighten I think. Then they just sent a letter when we asked for the signed agreement saying it would take longer than 12 days and then it said. We confirm we have formally withdrawn the Statutory Demand served against you. They talk about First Credit as their 'client' sneaky twits. I haven't been answering their telephone calls, but feel like picking up and telling them exactly what I think. Probably best to just keep doing what I do, which is pick up the receiver so they get charged for the call and then put the phone straight down again. Thanks again for the advice, it's really appreciated.
  24. Please can someone tell me what I should do. My son was being chased by various debt collection aganecies for one debt. It seemed to get passed around to a different company on a monthly basis. Then Connaught got involved. At the same time he got letters from 1st Credit. I have been told these are the same company (can someone please confirm this). He then got a Statutory Demand for Insolvency from Conaught. We immediately sent the letter asking for a signed copy of his agreement . We got a letter back saying it would take longer than 12 days to get this and they would not enforce the debt until they had supplied that information. After the 12+2 days we sent the Account in Dispute letter. We heard nothing until a few weeks ago. In the past two weeks First Credit have sent him four letters asking or payment. One threatened to send doorstep collectors, one offered a 30% discount on the debt if he paid in full. The next one even offered him gifts, like 42" TV if he paid in full before end of November, Sony Playstation 3 if he paid £2500 and a video player Ipod Nano if he paid £1000. They have telephoned 3 times in the last week and today he received a letter from DHS, Debt Help Services, a specialist collections unit of First Credit which says he has never responded to any of 1st Credit's letters to him. So what do I do now? Do we send the letter asking for a signed agreement to them, or do we tell them to take a run and jump or do we just ignore them, or do we report them to the OFT? Every letter from Connaught says Dear Sir, Re: First Credit - so the connection is there from Connaught. If they are not the same company, how can two companies be chasing for the same debt? Please help, I am getting very confused.
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