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  1. Can anyone please help me? I apologise as this is long but I need to make sure I get the right help ASAP. I need urgent legal help for my son and his family. They live in a Hyde Housing flat on the 6th (top) floor of a block of flats .On Christmas Eve 2013, the roof developed a major leak which flooded several parts of my sons home. The ceiling came down in 3 areas. One of these was a hallway cupboard so lots of their possessions were ruined with the green black stinking water that flowed. They had bowls all over the place to catch it. The bathroom h
  2. Thanks for all your answers, really appreciated. They are going to leave it as is. They wanted to transfer them into the girls own saving accounts which earn much more interest and are protected until they are 18 as well.
  3. Hi my sister was shopping Asda recently. She had my 86 year old disabled Aunt with her so used one of the Asda wheelchairs. The footrest on one side was twisted and my sister was unable to get it straight. She asked the security guy, who was the size of a brick outhouse, if he could move it for. The guy went into meltdown. Waving his arms and screaming at her to get away from him, he had to watch the monitors. She said blimey OK mate and walked to customer services where she asked to speak to the manager. The security guy on hearing this, came running over to her shouting and waving his arms a
  4. Thank you all for your replies. HH want £5000 to cover the cost of the hearing and that's than the settlement figures combined, so think it will be going into the court office after all. Thanks for your help though much appreciated.
  5. Thanks for your replies. We haven't been advised of any court hearing? I think I need to contact the Hampton Hughes people. Any advice on what I should ask, or how I should word the letter?
  6. Hi, can anyone give me some advise please. My daughter in law was involved in a car accident which resulted in injury claims for her and my two granddaughters, ages 7 and 14. The claims have been agreed and my daughter in law has been paid out for her injuries. They have now received a letter from Hampton Hughes stating that the injury claims have been agreed for the two girls. The amounts will be paid into the court office and the girls can claim them when they are 18. This is 4 years for one and 11 years for the other. The money while it is held will not gain any interest while it is held. I
  7. Thank you. I did write a letter of complaint before but got the usual response, the DD failed so the policy was cancelled. Will try again and see what happens.
  8. Hi, can anyone help with this? I was insured for life and critical illness cover by Friends Provident. In June 2010 I was referred to the hospital for tests by my GP. Obviously with NHS waiting times etc this went on for months before anything was done. In the meantime, for various reasons our DD for the insurance failed. They wrote to us and asked if we would fill out a health insurance questionairre and an authorisation for them to contact our GP. I completed the forms and returned them within two days of receiving them. Two weeks later we received the same letter and forms. I again compl
  9. Hello Brig, no he hasn't done that yet, but he is going to. A formal complaint draft would be a huge and welcome help. Thank you.
  10. Hello BRIGADIER2JCS. There were no letters from Santander, at all, my son wrote to them offering £50 per month and the next thing Carters wrote to him saying the offer was accepted but he had to make payments to them and not Santander. Frederickson wrote to my son a year ago and he ignored tham as he didn't know who they were. He only started paying Carters as they had apparently answered on behalf of Santander.
  11. Thanks Coffee, just done the SAR for him and a letter telling Bryan Carter exactly where to shove their demands...oh I do feel better after writing that!
  12. Thanks very much Coffee. As Santander are still issuing statements I don't see why he can't pay them directly. When will the OFT shut down Carter and all the other bottom feeding sharks out there.
  13. Hi all, Need some advise please. My son had a personal loan with Santander. He then became unemployed and was of course unable to pay. He wrote to Santander explaining the position, got no response! As soon as he was back in work he wrote to them again offering to pay them £50 per month. Still no response from Santander. He then got a letter from Bryan Carter saying the £50 per month had been accepted but he had to pay them not Santander. The balance shown was £3441.96. which was £400 more than the original debt. He has been paying £50 per month since March. He has just received his 6 monthly
  14. Thanks for this is really is helpful. Are there any templates for letters on the site I can use?
  15. Hi guys, thanks for the advise, unftortunately I paid by debit card and the people that hired this lot are the local housing association. Will have to get onto then, I think it's outrageous.
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