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  1. Hi there, yes I did send recorded and the following letters but having no joy
  2. Help!!!!! All Letters Being Ignored And Charges Added Every Time They Send Another Letter. They Are Still Saying That They Will Send Debt Collectors To The House Although There Is No Cca. The Charges On Account Are Now 3 Times The Value Of The Goods. What Will I Do
  3. Thanks for that. Sent them the letter above and today got another letter saying that they will not tolerate the way that I am handeling this debt and they may have to look at other ways to collect, after saying that as they had no agreement they would not persue the debt and also added on another £12 charge. The goods ordered were only £150 and i have paid them more than this but this is all charges that they have added. What will I do now. They seem to totally ignore all corresspondence although sent recorded delivery.
  4. I have been dealing with Reliable collections regarding a viva la diva account (J D Williams company) Value of goods £170. I made £12 monthly payments but then missed a couple or was late and every time they would add on £12 admin fee. Account balance is now £315 due to this. I have sent cca request. Letter back saying they did not have one and agreed they could not enforce payment. Since then I have been getting letters every 4 weeks adding on the £12 admin fee. I have written recorded delivery several times saying that account is in dispute but they just seem to ignore letters. What
  5. Hi I have been paying £30 a month on ppi for a clydesdale bank mastercard. I do not have any policy and can not remember agreeing to it. Can I cancel and claim all charges back
  6. Hi. Have received another letter today saying that some one would call at my house on wed between 6-8 pm. And they have added a £12 admin charge. They have no cca what will I do now????
  7. Yes had been paying £30 per month. But they have no signed cca agreement. will i send off letter??
  8. Hi debt passed to Moorcroft. Sent cca request and got letter back 2 weeks ago saying no cca available and they agreed that the debt would be unenforceable through the courts.. Received another letter today saying that i had defaukted on the agreed payments and unless the outstanding payment was received by return of post legal action may be take. What will I do now. They have already said no cca is available. Shouls I write and say that debt should be returnrd to original creditor. Help!!!!!!
  9. Hi I am currenly paying moorcroft £25 a month for a debt to additions. I can not afford this and am sure that a lot of the balance is charges. Can i send a cca to them if i have been paying monthly for the past year. Does that mean i have accepted the debt. I have never signed a cca for this account
  10. Yes had nothing else from them. Had a look at alfs thread it was the same letter he got before sending them your letter. will fire it off tomorrow
  11. Hi it is really just a demand fro payment. It says Urgent Final Demand the your debt is over due for payment, settlement is required now court action may be taken etc the usual stuff. I thought that as i had sent cca requests to littlewoods, NDR and Phoenix that they could not pass on to any one else
  12. Hi Paul have started my own thread titled Littlewoods debt. Can you let me have that letter. cheers
  13. Can anyone help?? I sent a cca request to ittlewoods way back in july 2007. They did not comply so sent them a non compliance letter for which there was also no reply. I then received letters and statements adding £24 each time form debt collectors called NDR. I sent them a cca request also and had no reply. Then in October received a letter from a dca called phoenix. Sent them a cca reqquest and recieved a reply early november saying that they had asked their clients for the requested documents and would be back in touch. Nothing more hears untill today when i get a demand from another
  14. Thanks can you tell me how to start my own thread please. have not got a clue
  15. HIican any one please tell me what I should do now. I sent Littlewoods a cca request in july then a non compliance letter as no agreement was sent. Then had NDR on my back for the same so sent them cca request also. Nothing. Next one was Phoenix again sent them cca request, got letter back saying that they had requested the required documents from their clients and would be back in touch. Nothing heard from November. Then today i get letter from Debt Managers Scotland. Will I send them cca request or just letter advising that account is in dispute and should not have been passed to them
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