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  1. Everyone does seem very helpful thank you:-)
  2. Thank you for your interest, I will take a couple of days to read through this site which I only visited today for the first time. It sure looks informative.
  3. I am also new, I filed my claim on line and have had the court case allocated to Northampton which is a pain bearing in mind I live in Reading:(
  4. Hi there, I have written my letter asking for approx £1500 back from HSBC. I am sure they will tell me to spin off like Nationwide did. Nationwide have been sued so HSBC will likely be added to that list. Will keep you posted.
  5. Congrats on your victory. I am in the court system at the moment and still waiting for news. *fingers crossed*
  6. Has anyone beaten Nationwide and then been told to close their account or have you all been able to stay with them?
  7. I am claiming back over £2000 from Nationwide and have issued my claim through the county court website. There is still 11 days for Nationwide to respond so I am in limbo for the time being. The collosal charges that have been levied at me in the past are half the reason that I am constantly overdrawn. For example how can you be expected to clear an overdraft when you get hit with a near £300 charge in one month:confused: . I am told on the Nationwide on-line-banking that I can increase my overdraft however when I apply for this so called agreed limit they refuse me. I even went into the branch and told them that they should stop my card when I go overdrawn but they gave me some lame excuse involving debit guarantee's. I would have thought in this day and age that if you asked for them to stop you spending money they could arrange it in their computer. *rant subsides*
  8. Sounds a bit off to me. As you say the overdraft is self perpetuating based on the charges applied and I think you should still be able to access your savings. Will be interested to see what happens.
  9. Good news on the first point that Nationwide have paid up. Hope you get the rest of the issues sorted pretty quickly.
  10. Hello, I am badmuthar and I have just registered on this forum. It may take me a while to get up to speed with the ins and outs of the whole system. I have issued my claim through the county court against Nationwide Building society and am awaiting a reply. I am also in the process of claiming against HSBC although I am a few steps behind on this one. Once again hello to all and any advice/comments greatly apprieciated.
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