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  1. well, all has been quiet but today i got a letter from some DCA called Clarity in Northampton asking me to call and pay them with my credit or debit card the only think i did do is send them a letter have cabot started to use these insted of ruthbridge.
  2. update Yes they are cheeky:) They have not replied to my letter about the issue of ruthbridge taking the £10 of the debt which was sent with my S.A.R to Ruthbridge way back in August, Cabot are still sending me letters asking me to contact them but from the S.A.R data they sent me, the debt was statued barred in Jan 2008.
  3. Time for an update After send them a few letter Cabot took my account back from Ruthless, and then passed it over to Mackenzie Hall, who then passed it back to cabot after asking for a CCA and S.A.R. Looking over the file cabot send me they are saying i paid £10 of my account when in-fact it was a S.A.R request to Ruthbridge how just took it of the total debt and did not send me any info under my S.A.R. They did this because the 6 years are up come the end of Jan 08. Not sure how to tackle the £10 taken of the debt, i know they want the clock to stop but i have never acknowledged i owe this debt to anyone so the last payment was Jan 2002
  4. believe me you can beat these people at ruthless with the help of the guys from here i got them off my back by sending them the letters from this site.
  5. A lot of trust are trying to achieve the 18 week target but failing it big time they have until Feb/Mar 2008 to show they are meeting it by at least 80% but as the winter is coming a lot of trust are trying to work out how they are going to meet the target of 18 weeks, some trusts are using very expensive pod theaters at £10,000 a week just to meet the target. I think the trust has done a waiting list verification and have removed you for some reason now that might be because they have written to your GP asking if you still need this operation and he has not replied or they sent you a letter and it has gone missing in the post it happens all the time, the PALS department will look into your complaint and you should receive your reply in 4 to 6 weeks
  6. hehehehe thanks brassed off think i am having a dumb moment
  7. Hi brassed off do i upload the document or just copy the URL?
  8. How do you resize on here? i posted the form but it was only a thumbnail image
  9. I spoke to MBNA today regarding the letter they sent to my old address and dated 03rd September 2007, It turns out they did not send me the letter in-fact they have not sent me a letter since 2004, MBNA were very interested in who sent me the letter and they asked me to fax them the letter i explained it was a copy of a letter sent to me by cabot, The letter 03rd September 2007 Re: Dear Mr Bigbearuk Please accept this letter as confirmation that your outstanding balance due under the about account has been assigned to KINGS HILL NO 1 LIMITED part of the cabot financial group. The Address is Cabot Financial (Europe) Limited PO BOX 241 West Malling Kent ME19 4LT All enquiries regarding this account, including accurate balance information, together with future payments, should be made directly to this company Your Sincerely Stuart Ashcroft recovery Manager Note the spelling mistake and the letter was not signed Mr Ashcroft was very surprised he sent me a letter as MBNA passed my account onto Cabot in 2001. The girl in customer services was very helpful i told her i had sent cabot a CCA and S.A.R request and she laughed when i said i have received the letter and a bit of paper cabot are trying to tell me is my Credit agreement when the nice lady said it would only be a application form. I am not sure about that so will need to scan the bit of paper and post on here it does state on the paper "This is a credit agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974, sign it only if you want to be legally bound by its terms" on the top somebody has stuck a big white sticker on half of it you can only see the word form
  10. Hi Oranges, I was like you Ruthless called me 18 times a day so sent them a nice harassment letter and then it went down to 10 day for a few days then just used to walk off and leave the phone or put it next to my very loud bulldog snoring the calls stopped, I then sent a CCA letter in July still not received my CCA or a reply to my S.A.R But i did get a nice letter from a certain person at ruthbridge telling me my case had been returned to cabot, hmmmmmmmm I'm sure reporting ruthbridge to the OFT & TS had nothing to do with that decision:rolleyes:
  11. ok got 4 letters today from cabot just need to read them and post them on here because the ones i have read i cannot make any sense of them, cabot are saying the purchased my account on the 21st June 2001 from MBNA, they also sent me a copy of a letter from MBNA with my my old address on forming me they had passed my account to cabot but the letter was dated 03rd September 2007 i will try and sort this mess out tonight and post more info later
  12. hi Harrassed&unwell, You need to start you own tread and they guys will come a long to give you advice Get that harassment by phone letter off to Derek maxwell Asap, plus post a few more details about your debt so people can advice you more BB
  13. It's the way the NHS has to operate if people in there trust are at risk, if you look at the NHS job website a lot of the jobs are advertised just for people at risk. If people are on long term sick then yes people cover your post but not replace you on a permanent basis which is what happened to witchiepoo
  14. Bigbearuk

    Knee problems

    The official date is Jan 2008 but most trust are trying to implement it now but they are failing most of them are only achieving just under 23%
  15. Bigbearuk

    Knee problems

    Surfer01 The governments targets have been changed it's 18 weeks now from first seeing your GP to being treated in hospital and that time span includes your Out patients appointment.
  16. Got a nice letter today from Cabot asking for more time to look into my complaint regarding ruthbridge and cabot (Europe) and a nice little leaflet about the FOS
  17. yep and they call from mobile phones and unknown numbers
  18. I sent Cabot a letter on the 13th July received on the 16th Signed for at 07.30, so far no reply, i sent them the same letter again on the 17th August the same thing received on the 20th August signed for at 07.30, this time a reply from cabot asking me to give them time to deal with my request,(it was a complaint not a request) I have not heard anything since the last letter and in both letters i gave them 10 working days to reply regarding my complaint, the letter i sent them is the one done by seahorse at the beginning of my tread
  19. I agree with gizmo indecent assault is a police issue and not something that should be investigated my the internal complaints department unless they are from the police force or armed forces. How can they add anything to you file if there was insufficient evidence regarding the allegations Have they stated how long this will appear on your file? and weather it's a warning if they have then it should only be there for 1 year.
  20. Hi Witchiepoo, Your welcome, really this should not be going on as your off sick with stress all of this should be done from when you return to work, Once you return they should start the formal process regarding your secondment and what is going to happen in September, What they should be doing is freezing any admin post so you can apply for them are you are at risk that is the correct way of doing it Let me know how things are going and PM me if you want to ask anything BB
  21. 1. You should of had an interview to inform you that your at risk again once your secondment is over in September. 2. This should also have been done in writing outlining why you are at risk. 3. Your HR adviser should have sent you the letters and been there at the meeting, also at that meeting they should of explained what options are open for once your secondment has finished in September. They can ask another person to cover your sick leave but they cannot remove you because your off sick, if that is the case then the person doing your job must also finish in September I think you need to chat with somebody at the citizen advice as you union rep has gone off sick or ask to speak to someone at regional level they will tell you where you stand from a legal point of view
  22. It's only Ruthbridge up to there old tricks again Don't bin it keep it with all the other letters that what i do as ODC said before they have breached the OFT guidelines regarding debt collection, i reported them as i got 4 letters like that
  23. LOL You are right seahorse, i did think some school kid had written it with pencil at first sight
  24. There registered address is Putney London there office's are in Twickenham
  25. I did mine to Ruthbridge because they are the ones asking for the money, i also sent it to cabot after the 12 + 2 days had passed as ruthbridge had not provide the CCA, I would send a S.A.R to Barclay's to get all the information they have regarding your brother
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