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  1. i rang several different depts and no one can decide whose responsibility the acc is and whether it is closed or just frozen. it will clear the debt on the account with a bit left over tho. am going to send the letter accepting back and put in a covering letter asking for a cheque.
  2. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/natwest-bank/20375-mel-natwest.html please change mine to WON thanks
  3. well now, a result recieved a letter from natwest offering me a the whole amount and i didnt even have to go to court. i was going to do the next stage this pay day as i ran out of money to do it, but i am so impressed that they have coughed up without any pressure from me. they want to put the whole amount into the account but i want the cheque sent to me, can i make them send it me instead?
  4. sent the lba letter today from what i've been reading about the natwest they seem to go the whole way and send out defence and aq's, is this the norm for most people?
  5. well it took a while, but I have finally sent off the prelim letter, so in the new year there should be some more money around - well actualy most of it will have to go to the account to clear the debt, but at least that'll be another one down.
  6. can someone change it to ***WON*** please
  7. got the letter offering full and final payment, not that they are admitting anything of course!! shame they are going to put it on as refund on the card, as its a closed account while i pay off the debt. but it nearly pays it off so well worth it.
  8. sorry for not seeing this before - yes they gave it all back including the 8%, although they said i was and then i wasnt and then they put it in anyway!! thats why i took it out straight away.
  9. I hope so, it was deemed served on the 12th. That would clear the majority of the balance and give me peace of mind. And then on to the next one!!
  10. well its been a while, but i have finally got around to doing the court claim N1 form and now its filled in. tomorrow off DH goes to the county court to make the claim.
  11. can i second it as i have to do a search everytime coz people put their threads in different places.
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