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  1. The letter you have drafted has everything you need to include. Please be aware, knowing how the banks work etc (Especially Barclays) you will more that likely have to get the courts to enforce any judgements or directions previously granted. Remember to send your letter Recorded Delivery and keep a copy for your records. With regards to child benefit (or any other benefits) paid into the account, they have to give you access to these, believe it or not the FOS will help you promptly get this back if you give them a call on 0845 080 1800. They will take details of the complaint and investigate it on your behalf. Would probably suggest opening a new bank account to get this paid into.
  2. Barclays Risk, is another name for their consumer finance department based at Astley/Byrom House Quay Street Manchester. This is Barclays internal collections departement. From the sounds of what was initially described it appears that they have used the right to "set off accounts" If a loan account was in arrears or an account overdrawn without a limit etc then they transfer funds from where there is credit to try and correct this. This only normally happens after a couple of months without any action by the account holder or if an arrangement to repay the debt breaks down... I don't know really where you stand with this but Barclays surely must have checked the legality of doing it as they have done for years!
  3. Hello fellow claimers, Just spoke to a lady by the name of Sue at MCOL who has informed me that as of Monday 13th August 2007, any bank claims submitted through the online system will automatically be stayed, and not even transferred to the claimants local county court. She then advised that once a judgement has been made in the test case, it will be down to the individual claimants to have there claim taken forward as this will not be done automatically. (Basically it will be put in a box and forgotten about until someone says something) :?: Couple of questions: - :?: 1: Has anyone else heard of this? 2: Would submitting this to my local county court on paper potentially avoid this automatic stay? 3: If I appeal against any stay and I am successful in getting it lifted, would the bank then be liable to cover my £35.00 admin fee?
  4. Fantastic idea and template... Surely if the MP's recieve multiple contact uch as this, they will have to take some notice of what we are saying...
  5. Just been browsing through the forums and just found a post of which I find very interesting, a way around the current oft ruling there is very little feedback to the posting so far. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/108366-way-round-fsa-decision.html#post1046822
  6. "surely if we can come up with other law that will support our argument then the courts will NOT be able to stay the action" Fezzaboy has raised a good point here, surely there must be some other laws that have relevence to the reclaiming of bank charges. If another law is potentially quoted then surely the courts putting a stay on the case is totally out the question...
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