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  1. I suggest you email and write to the bailiff company ASAP informing them that they have made an invalid levy as the items listed belong solely to you and not your boyfriend
  2. You can request any tender submissions (from previously awarded contracts) - the onus is on the bailiff company to provide adequate reasons for omitting such information form a request. Certain bailiff companies as a rule request other's submissions when they are unsuccessful! (after a period of time has elapsed).
  3. I'm saying they are doing it publicly as if there is nothing wrong in it and they are not the only ones. Bailiff companies do not like doing it (and not just for the obvious reasons)but have no choice if they want to win tenders. I would suggest that anyone who wants to 'out' this practice does an FOI request on the westminster bailiff tender submissions - tomtubby may already have this info.
  4. Without a doubt! Westminster being the main culprit with their 'risk/reward' scheme which they openly requested proposals for in their tender for the current contract. Biggest kickback wins!
  5. If he is self employed he should not have any company name assigned him on the register - it should just be in his own name. He CANNOT legally work for R&R if his certificate is issued under C&M. He must chnage it so it states he works for R&R or have it solely in his own name
  6. Are you saying he is showing on the register as working for C&M rather than R&R? If so, he is working illegally.
  7. tell them they have the wrong number and to remove your number from their case files - if they call again report them!
  8. I would say you are correct in that assumption as Marston's are operating as 'certificated and non-certificated bailiffs' in this instance. Bailiffs working the HMCS contracts can be uncertificated for upto 6 months from when they commence working on the contract.
  9. I would assume this is from the local authority via TEC rather than a court. Write to the LA setting our your vulnerable status and ask them to recall it from bailiffs.
  10. providing they visited for both LO's at the same time they can only charge 1 visit fee. Have you got dates and times fo visits confirmed by them?
  11. Generally between 06:00 and 21:00 for parking tickets is deemed acceptable! They can visit as many times as they like but can only charge for 3 visits
  12. You are advising about CEO's which is irrelevant in this case. Marston Group are acting as certificated bailiffs not CEO's.
  13. Yes but they do not actually exist anymore The facts are that bailiff companys working for HMCS DO NOT operate as Civilian Enforcement Officers (CEO’S)
  14. in which instance CEO stands for Certificated Enforcement Officer not Civil Enforcement Officer Magistrates Courts do not employ bailiffs hence they do not have CEO's
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